Paco Underhill on Competera >
Paco Underhill on Competera
Improving revenue by 9% with the help of AI >
Find Me a Gift
Setting optimal prices across five European markets >
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RD Electronics
Tenfold operations costs savings thanks to high-quality competitive data >
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Open letter from Competera's CEO
Competera's CEO Alexander Galkin shares his acknowledgment of retail heroes in the time of uncertainty.
9 Must-see Types of Profitable Pricing Strategies and Tactics
If you’re seeking a proven way to maximize your profit and revenue, explore these major pricing strategies. Find your own, test it, and get the most balanced and sustainable approach to pricing.
Market-based Pricing: Surviving the Crisis
Want to deal with crisis and make risks work for you? Market-based pricing by Competera will help to gain an advantage, increase market share, and reinforce customer base.
Competition-based pricing strategy for retail business >
Competition-based pricing strategy for retail business
What Should Retailers Do During COVID-19? >
What Should Retailers Do During COVID-19?
Price Elasticity of Demand: Ace Up Your Sleeve in 2020
Want to know how your consumers will respond to every price change? Master the power of price elasticity factor, its possibilities and the impact on retailer’s product range.
Price Perception: Give Customers What They Want
Price perception and price positioning are crucial factors impacting consumer behavior. Learn everything you need to know about price perception and capitalizing on it.
Competera at Shoptalk 2020 in Las Vegas
Competera Recognized as №1 Retail Software by Crozdesk
Retail Software Buyer Guide 2020 by Crozdesk has recognized Competera’s AI-powered pricing software for enterprise brick&click retailers the best retail software in the market.
Competera Named Best Value Software by SoftwareSuggest >
Competera Named Best Value Software by SoftwareSuggest Adaptive pricing >
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The Retailer Who Must Not Be Named Case Study >
Case study
Case Study on How Uses Competera Products >
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Pricing Simulations to Achieve Your Business Goals
Pricing simulations are one of the most creative and effective solutions enabled by of AI and big data. Learn how to benefit from price simulations.
Join Free Certificate Course About Pricing
Pricing course designed for marketing, category, brand, and pricing managers. By Competera Academy
Promo Optimization: A Shortcut to Win in 2020
Almost 60% of retailer promos don't break even. In this article, we're show how the trade promotion optimization might change the trend.
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