Discount pet supplies, wholesale pet supplies, cheap pet supplies – just a few of your customers’ requests while they are shopping online. But how often do your prices fit their expectations?

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When it comes to pricing in the pet supplies industry, the main challenges for assortment and price monitoring include variety of products, different packaging, dimensions, weight, quantity, color, etc. Competera Price Intelligence covers all pet supplies retailers' needs, providing insight-rich data and actionable recommendations.

Switching on Price Intelligence will enable you to focus on what really matters for your company's growth and ensuring that your shop is the best place to buy pet supplies online - all while we are delivering actual and reliable data about how to beat your competitors.

Data profile


Manual product mapping


Automatted Accuracy


Total guaranted quality
impressive matching accuracy (98%)

Impressive matching accuracy (98%)

product matching for any assortment size

Product matching for any assortment size

rule-based price recommendations

Rule-based price recommendations

any type of assortment segmentation

Any type of assortment segmentation

multiuser access with personalised data sets and historical reports

Multiuser access with personalised data sets and historical reports

data collecting from any target websites

Data collecting from any target websites

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Actionable insights
through advanced reporting
Product name SKU My Price Price
Prices distribution
Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel
3215739 32.70$ 29.99$-38.00$
Flexi Neon M Cord Leash 16 ft, Black/Neon
3276491 16.32$ 16.32$-21.20$
PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar, Large, Black
3158901 14.30$ 11.05$-18.30$
Evercare Pet Mega Roller 50-Layer Refill, Pack of 3
3289007 21.71$ 21.71$-27.85$
  • My product 32.70$
  • Competitor product 38.00$
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All data is collected for our customers use only.
We don’t sell the information and we crawl data individually for each customer. We use SSL certificates and personale access keys for storing and transferring your data.

Integration process

The Competera’s SaaS based Competitive data Intelligence Platform integration process is quick and easy. Usually it takes up to 14 days to connect our solution to your system.

Market Test
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