Competitive Data Scraping for Competitive Pricing

Competitive Data

With Competitive Data Scraping retail enterprises become more dynamic and intelligent with every datapoint

Accurate product data delivered on schedule prevents retailers from validating and fixing data errors.
With Competera, a sales team focuses on a strategy

How it works:

As little as 10% of data errors cause 1,000 wrong decisions for 10,000 SKU products. High-quality data is essential for any analytics, automation and optimization system to work correctly and ensure the best results. Competera allows monitoring data collection at all stages while factoring in the business logic and goals of the retailer, as well as the peculiarities of the competitive environment.

Does your business receive competitor data in a convenient format, on schedule with a guaranteed quality and freshness level (SLA)?

Customer Success Team

Customer Support Team

QA Process

Data Input

We support our clients with full-scope data orchestration and aggregation for quick and seamless integration of Competera in your IT infrastructure.

Data Integration

We adapt the system’s integration to the retailer’s current operations. Our platform is compatible with any data regardless of its format and source, as well as of where it is stored and how it is processed, etc.

Product Matches

Multidimensional matches: title, EAN, UPC, images, units of measurement, etc., with two levels of verification, confidentiality scoring system and manual QA. Our clients could choose automatic, manual or hybrid product matches: Competera’s multilevel checking algorithm will ensure the best-in-class data quality.

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Data Input

Any data dimensions
Any type of stores and platforms

Automated Product Matches

Any amount of products
Any speed velocity on-demand

Confidentiality Index Control

High-score matches group
Low-score matches group

Product Matches

Low-score matches check-up
High-score matches check-up

Competera Dashboard

QA Process
Final verification

Data Collecting

Our human-guided matching algorithm and dedicated scraping system ensures the best-in-class dataset and data freshness

anti-bot included
  • Regular Crawler
  • Full Crawler
  • Custom-logic

Data Output

Competera uses a variety of delivery approaches to transfer data to standard and custom platforms.

Our Benefits

How Competera Competitive Data Scraping Powers Retail Enterprise

High Quality Matches With Manual QA

Your company can choose automatic, manual or hybrid product matches: Competera’s multilevel checking algorithm will ensure the best-in-class data quality

Dedicated Adoption and Service

Our team fully manages a seamless and straightforward integration basing on the retailer’s technical and business expectations. A dedicated manager acts on behalf of the retailer inside Competera

Custom Scrapping and Delivery

We daily collect and deliver over 10 million data points about prices, product availability, promotional activity, among other metrics — any data available on a competitor website with custom logic, frequency, and freshness

Full Transparency of Data Quality

Transparent delivery and matches: the percentage of product intersection by category and store, the time of product matches, the ratio between the delivered and planned data amount, the current scanning status, etc.

Service Level Agreement Guarantee

We guarantee the data accuracy and freshness, matching speed, integrating new stores and addressing daily inquiries. We are financially responsible for failure to fulfill the obligations

Data When Your Business Needs It

We scan websites and deliver data by the time the retailer needs it to react properly to the market changes and seize every opportunity to increase revenue

Changing the Way Retailers Work

Explore customers stories

Oleksandr Marchenko Head of eCommerce at Watsons

I love the fact that spreadsheet pricing is dead to me. Since I started using the pricing platform the pricing in Watsons doesn’t depend on the human eye, so that I don’t worry about mistakes any more. I’m sure that I can achieve my KPI’s and then some. As a result, the revenue of the shop is going up and I can earn more for myself. Show more
Saving time on manual checking of competitors’ prices, promotions and assortment, I can concentrate on strategic tasks. My job gets more profitable and ambitious thanks to the automation of pricing!

Natalia Guseinova Pricing Manager at

I work in, online retailer of building and finishing materials in six regions of Russian Federation. Price tracking of the product categories in our industry is quite time-consuming: huge assortment, wide geography of distribution, commodity differences among competitors. Competera allows us to assess the situation on the market and control Show more
our price positioning. In the meantime, Competera flexibly reacts to requests and skillfully adapts the product to the features of our business. We thank the Competera team for the efficient product, quick support and personalised approach.

Yudha Pangestu Mataharimall, Project Lead, Indonesia is a leading online marketplace in Indonesia. The number of products didn’t allow us to correct all our prices manually and the process became more and more complicated. In addition to that, competitors started to change their prices with increasing frequency. We integrated Competera solutions and began to receive our competitors’ insights. Show more
We achieved our business goals - the customers’ perception of our price positioning was changed as we wanted and inline with our expected business performance.

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