The best pricing solutions for apparel and footwear enterprise retailers

Pricing Solutions for Apparel & Footwear

Boost gross profit and profit margins, sell collections faster, and build a rewarding customer experience with Competera’s intelligent and secure technology.

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Hit all of your goals

Find a balance between sales velocity, profit margins, and discount depth

  • Get rid of old inventory by a deadline

  • Maintain gross profit and profit margin

  • Speed up your repricing

Optimize markdown and promo campaigns. Set differentiated discounts

With Competera, apparel retailers know for sure which items should be priced lower to attract shoppers; which products should be priced higher to compensate for potential margin losses; and the exact depth of discounts for every product, which allows for profit boost.
optimize markdown

Choose your pricing approach

Whether you are a multi-brand or a mono-brand retailer, Competera provides a set of solutions suitable for your particular needs. They result in a prediction accuracy of up to 98% and a balance of profit and sales



Competera’s native pricing engine is driven by individual business targets and constraints. Create your own winning strategy based on your rules and measure the impact of pricing decisions on your sales


An advanced pricing engine built on heavy math and machine learning algorithms. Each pricing recommendation is based on cross-impact between products in your portfolio and up to 60 pricing and non-pricing factors

Hybrid Pricing

Cover 100% of your product portfolio and get the most effective scalable results by combining rule- and demand-based pricing approaches

See how apparel retailers are thriving with Competera Pricing Platform

The apparel omnichannel retailer Intertop used Competera to save profit margin during its summer sales 2019 campaign. The company saved 200 b.p. in profit margins and boosted gross profit by 10.3%
apparel retailers are thriving
apparel retailers are thriving

Build-in data protection

Google Cloud Platform provides our secure infrastructure. Also, we protect clients' data by using ISO 27001 standard, OWASP Security by Design approach, and our own framework.

It includes the ongoing security management process, quarterly employee training, personal security of employees, quarterly penetration tests by 3rd parties, development and administration guidelines, and annual 3rd party security audit.

build-in data protection

Enterprise-grade Software

Once you choose Competera, we will provide you with a personal solution and pricing experts from the Competera team. They will guide you step-by-step through your journey to optimal pricing.
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