Price Sensitivity: Painless Way to Win Your Customers >
Price Sensitivity: Painless Way to Win Your Customers
Price Optimization Solution: Boosting Revenue While Maintaining Margin >
Consumer electronics
Increasing revenue
without losing profit margin
Increasing revenue and sales across 100 price zones >
Health & beauty
Increasing revenue and sales across over 100 price zones
Markdown Optimization Solution: Saving Profit Margin >
Apparel & footwear
Markdown optimization:
saving profit margin
Competera Recieves Happiest Users Award from Crozdesk
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KVI Pricing: Learn to Identify Your Key Value Items
Key value categories (KVCs) and key value items (KVIs) bring many opportunities to attract consumers and increase margins. Dive into this topic and learn how to reinforce your revenue-generating capabilities.
Pricing Performance or How to Measure Your Business
Does your pricing profitable for the business? Check our latest guide to know how to measure company's pricing performance. We describe tools, approaches, and some tips allowing to do it most effectively. Also, this guide would be helpful for those who are interested in the nature of prices.
How to Increase Profit Margin >
How to Increase Profit Margin
How to Set Efficient Online Price [Video] >
How to Set Efficient Online Price [Video]
How to Reflect Cost-Push Issues [Video]
Get know how to increase your prices to reflect margin decrease on selected products as well as to protect the revenue of the entire category
COVID-19 Shopping Behavior [Infographic]
As COVID-19 is changing customer behaviour, we take a look at products which shoppers would rather buy online than in person.
Introductory Pricing for New Products
First price of the product. Know how to make it effective and profitable.
How the quality of competitive data affects the key business indicators of a retailer
Steve Dennis| Q&A with Competera >
Steve Dennis| Q&A with Competera
Repricing Scenarios
Repricing Scenarios to Increase the Turnover of an Online Store
White Paper
Five Proven Profit Increasing Rules for Retailers
Free E-book
Agile Pricing
Safety Stock and Sustainable Forecasting
Safety stock is crucial when it comes to long-term forecasting in retail. Want to satisfy your customers while hitting the stock on the long run? Read the article and find how to do it.
Demand-Based Pricing Implementation Guide
Demand-based pricing is a reliable way to make your price positioning more efficient and straightforward. This guide will shed light on the main requirements and preparatory steps before arming with AI-driven solutions.
Competera at UK's Retail Systems Awards 2020
Competera celebrates being shortlisted in two categories at the UK's Retail Systems Awards 2020.
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