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Build a new revenue stream by creating a differentiated service offering for your clients in Retail sector

What Competera offers to Partners?

Competera Partner Program can help you build the win-win relationship with your clients in Retail sector by growing the bottom line metrics and providing more value!

Tiered reward structure with clear recognition ranges

Transparent partnership framework

Support in product marketing, training, and expertise

Comprehensive sales enablement

Competera Partners Ecosystem

Businesses with vast domain expertise and multiple projects delivered in the Retail space can find the best fit with Competera. You can choose one of the partnership offers.

Pricing Consultants

Pricing Consultants drive incremental revenue by reselling Competera’s product in combination with OCM. The perfect match are companies with domain expertise in retail pricing and successful experience in consulting and adopting ready-to-use tools into pricing operations of retailers.

Value Added Resellers

Value Added Resellers open a new revenue stream via reselling and implementing Competera's product. Partners having a track record of selling and implementing a variety of advanced tools in business processes and offering end-to-end ownership for retailers are the best match.

Meet Our Partners

Businesses with vast domain expertise and multiple projects delivered in the Retail space can find the best fit with Competera.

“Competera is ahead of the market by three crucial parameters. First of all, it offers a bridge between analytics and its implementation with the help of ready-to-use insights and frameworks, in addition to pure data. Secondly, Competera educates users on the ultimate goal behind using the software, as well as the best practices on how to use the tool for the best results. It’s vital as price optimization requires teamwork. Thirdly, the implementation is lightweight and fast. Competera’s time-to-result is three months.”

author photo
Maciej Kraus
A partner at Movens Capital,
an experienced pricing expert
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“Consistent implementation of pricing strategy and tactics is not possible without advanced IT tools. Competera has already proven its effectiveness in practice. After using the platform, clients receive an average of 3-5% increase in gross profit. We believe that our input can make this figure even more significant. Having the domain experience of KORUS Consulting put together with Competera technologies, retailers will get a truly comprehensive solution.”

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Sergey Vorobyov
Head of the pricing department within
the analytical solutions unit
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One of the most notable companies offering integration and consultancy services in Europe to transform and gain strategic wins by adopting technologies that synthesize artificial intelligence with human ingenuity.
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One of the largest IT company groups in CIS providing advisory service for retailers willing to optimize pricing strategies, boost profits, and increase business turnover with a team of the pricing experts on board.
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A global consultancy with over the decade of experience in delivering true business transformation through the implementation of timely and practical solutions as an official SAP Gold Partner.
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An European company providing strategic consulting services with over a decade of experience under the belt and 100+ pricing projects in B2B and B2C successfully implemented in 40+ countries.
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The Parker Avery Group is a leading retail and consumer goods consulting firm specializing in transforming organizations, optimizing operational execution, and implementing solutions that enable key capabilities.
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McMillanDoolittle is an internationally renowned retail consulting firm that transforms insights and expertise into strategic, customized retail solutions. It works across retailing on strategy, concept development and performance improvement for retailers and suppliers.
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