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Meet the industry standard for retail pricing. Increase revenue, stay competitive and grow while remaining profitable using the power of AI.

Competera named a Leading Pricing Software for 2019 by G2Crowd Grid ®

Does your pricing strategy help you, or hold you back?

Sudden sales drops on top selling items
Decrease in the average basket value
Poor customer experience customization
Promotional offers that don’t sell
Slow competition benchmarking
Broken price perception

Better Pricing for More Revenue and Profits

Competera is the pricing platform for a new era of retail, allowing enterprises to remain competitive with giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Alibaba. With Competera, your company can maintain the best shopping experience, brand loyalty, and pricing leadership in the market.

Price Optimization
Optimal prices for every product based on consumer behaviour powered by state-of-the-art AI, improving margin by 2-5%
Pricing Analytics
Market intelligence for ultimate competitive visibility, pricing balance, customer perception across all sales channels
Competitive Data
High-quality competitive data mining and delivery for any pricing engine to increase sales growth smoothly

Testimonies From our Customers

+16% revenue surge with no loss in profit margin

Our Price Optimization produces AI-driven price recommendations for retailers to convert demand predictions into revenue.

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+22.3% sales growth

Businesses can set optimal prices for their products according to their sales, revenue goals, and objectives and can observe the impact of their pricing decisions before, during and after making them.

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+80% sales growth within two months

Our Competitive Data consists of premium, high-quality competitive product and price data for enterprise eCommerce companies. We collect data from thousands of websites and different markets using a dedicated and customizable crawling approach. The secret sauce of this solution is full customer centricity.

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Why Choose Competera's Pricing Platform?

Online retailing builds a strong brand image and consumer confidence, but actual purchases still happen offline. The optimization of pricing key value items and categories is crucial to establishing consumer value.

Better Brand Perception


of shoppers choose the retailer with an optimal price

Create a better pricing strategy

In order to ensure a highly personalized shopping experience, we will enhance your team with advanced machine learning practices. At any given moment you will have the optimal price to meet your revenue and sales targets.


Retail Operations


of managers spend 40% of their time validating and fixing data

Execute optimal pricing smoothly

Make zero mistakes. Apply better prices with the help of the best industry product dataset supporting any requirements, and secured by a Service Level Agreement.


Revenue Results


only 10% of retail teams hit their KPIs

Gain better results guided by ML

Predict the impact of any pricing or promo decision for the whole assortment and ensure that at any given moment you have the optimal price to meet sales goals. The algorithm always knows when and how much to increase prices without losing sales, while managers can focus on strategic decisions.

We put AI and data science into the ready-to-use solutions for retailers to apply the optimal product pricing and customizable shopping experience across the entire shopping cycle.

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