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Competera - your assistant for selling more products at the highest possible price while maintaining customer appeal.

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Upgrade your pricing strategy by gaining essential market insights and setting the prices your customers are willing to pay.


Build sustainable business for daily product pricing based on flowing high-quality data


Reach maximal efficiency in repricing with the help of simple tools that map pricing strategy deviations at a products level


Control and evolve pricing strategies using easily accessible key performance metrics

Price Intellingece

Price monitoring platform that brings order to the complex process of pricing an online store, turning it into an easy, manageable and efficient business process.

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MAP monitoring and Brand protection - keep an eye on your retail partners to be aware of who is selling your products and for how much. See a significant decline in MAP violation number, using an automatic notifications of violators.

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Our customers success is our main goal.
"The team focused on our goals"
Elena Sushkova

From Competera we got a practical and reliable solution for the better management of the pricing processes in our store. It was a pleasure to see that Competera is not only a provider of quality products but that it also provides great customer service, which they maintain by a team of professionals who are focused on helping us to achieve our goals.
"Spending way too less time to get competitors' pricing at hand"
Evgeniy Khanin

Using Competera we daily receive an accurate market data, that significantly reduces the time we spend to adjust our prices in according to the market trends.

"We have radically changed our pricing process with Competera"
Denis Rogachev COMFY

Everyone who strives to maintain the leading positions has to critically evaluate business-processes performance and look for radically new solutions. After implementing Competera we completely reviewed our pricing process, and made it faster, better, saved money and time of our colleagues at the same time.
"Efficient & easy tool for price monitoring"
Vytenis Ruibys

Competera is an efficient & easy to use tool for price monitoring with a very friendly and fast reacting online support. It is essential price management of large quantities of SKU’s, also useful for a quick overview of several key competitor prices for a specific item. The most beneficial tool in Competera is a wide variety of reports, which allows us to see a larger picture of how competitive you are “in numbers”.

"More open and transparant relationships with retail partners"
Artur Pogorelov Canon

With Competera we discovered how to effectively track our distributing channels pricing strategies and provide them with proper recommendations. Using this advanced set of tools makes it possible for us to build a more open and transparent relationship with our clients.

"They really love their job and we feel it"
Yuriy Govorun Nikon

Competera is the best price intelligence solution on today’s market. They are a young team of professionals that are keen on what they are doing, know what their customers need an continuously improve their product.
"Transparent pricing system"
Bogdan Nesterenko

Transparent pricing was first of the reasons that made us choose Competera out of variety of price intelligence solutions. We are used to have a transparent relationship with our partners, control their work quality and understand, what are we paying for.

"Leaving manual price monitoring behind"
Oksana Ischenko Logitech

The first value we got in Competera was time. The time that we don't need to spend any more for manual monitoring and tedious repricing routine. We are happy to see high quality service and timely assistance with all urgent issues.

For your eyes only

We gather price intelligence and provide market insights for the sole benefit of our clients. We will not submit customer data to any third-party market research entity nor make it publicly available.