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Competera enables retailers and brands to increase customer trust by setting and maintaining optimal prices in real-time. Our AI algorithms continuously re-calculate billions of possible price combinations helping retailers to rebound 6% of previously lost margin

Pricing Platform for Retail

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Advanced technology is the key to growing bottom-line sustainably. The future belongs to real-time ML-driven pricing.

Reduce repricing time by 50%

Up to 8% of recovered revenue

Up to 6% margin loss prevention

Real-time competitive data

Traditional pricing approaches don’t meet customers expectations and lead to profit loss


Сhanging prices when something has already happened. So, it is not you who set the rules, but your suppliers or competitors define your next move.





Merchants & pricing managers use manual or semi-automated outdated pricing logic and consider no more than 3 pricing factors.





Merchants are focused on specific SKUs overlooking the cross-product impacts which results in cannibalization effect

External factors

Internal factors

  • New entry
  • KVIs
  • Overstock
  • Promo items
  • Traffic generators, Long tail
  • Initial price engine

    Efficient AI-augmented Intro Price benchmarking

    Optimal rate of sale from day 1 of a new product sales

  • Automation engine

    Rule-based recommendations

  • Markdown engine

    Cascade price reduction to clear stock

    Liquidation recommendations

  • Promo engine

    Learn contributionof each promo element

    Choose top-performing promo scenario in promo sandbox

  • Optimization engine

    Price recommendations based on demand elasticity

Software to power your pricing

Competera offers a unique technology blend make pricing process easy and effective.

Our elasticity-based AI pricing is driven by demand patterns, non-linear dependencies and products cross impact — calculating 20+ internal and external factors which guarantee gross margin.

No more manual analysis of outdated competitor pricing — our self-learning competitive data platform provides real-time access to all of your competitors’ prices with the matching quality of up to 98% accuracy.

Unlimited scale & usability — our user-friendly dashboards and personalized analytical reports are easy to use for merchants and pricing managers and can be scaled to an unlimited number of products and categories.

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