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What Has Changed?

  • Expert
    made decisions
    The better the experts, the better the decisions
  • Browser
    +Business Intelligence
    Business Intelligence tools helped to make insights more accessible
  • Monitor
    Human-supervised automation ensured faster decisions
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    Machine Learning
    Machine Learning guided by business goals leads to better results
Maturity Level
Unified Pricing
We believe that machines will soon drive challenging and time-consuming processes
We create the place where retailers make their best decisions through the power of data and AI technologies
  • 2014
  • 120+
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    data points daily
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We are delighted to help online and brick-and-mortar retailers worldwide increase their sales
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    300-900% ROI
  • 7-15% Revenue Boost
  • 2-10% Margins Increase
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We are a team of experts in eCommerce, market research, data science, deep learning and IT. For four years, retailers have been using our proactive pricing innovations and expertise to hit their KPIs and boost revenue

  • Alexandr Galkin
    CEO & Co-founder

    Twelve years of experience in auditing and consulting eCommerce enterprises. Focus: marketing, corporate sales. A Forbes contributor.

  • Andrey Mikhaylov
    CTO & Co-founder

    Seventeen years of experience in commercial product development. Focus: the lean startup methodology, horizontally scalable services, distributed computing

  • Alexandr Sazonov
    COO & Co-founder

    Twelve years of experience in investment and M&A. Focus: business process management, recruitment

  • Nikolay Savin
    Head of Price Optimization Product

    Eight years of experience in startup development in Eastern Europe. Focus: product strategy, machine learning, and data management

  • Eugene Sazonov
    Head of Competitive Data Group of products

    Seventeen years of experience in retail enterprises and HoReCa. Focus: the implementation of complex IT solutions (CRM, ERP, etc.) in the retailer’s business operations

  • Eugene Siuchin
    Head of engineering

    Fifteen years of experience in software engineering. Focus: engineering management, technical consulting

  • Fedor Navruzov
    Senior Data Scientist

    Five years of domain experience in fashion retail, FMCG and online marketplaces. Focus: natural languages processing, time series analysis, and competitive machine learning

  • Vladimir Kuchkanov
    Data Scientist

    Eleven years in business analytics and pricing management for international FMCG companies. Focus: pricing management, market analysis, algorithmic marketing, machine learning algorithms

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