Our mission is to help enterprise retailers make the right pricing decisions every time

Competera is a technology company that offers a comprehensive pricing platform to save costs, recover profits and meet new shopping patterns with the help of a sophisticated market-driven engine to ensure short- and mid-term growth and an algorithm-based engine for long-term growth.

From Business Intelligence To Operational Intelligence

Today’s retail is becoming increasingly complex. All the decisions made by retailers need to be profitable and fair from the point of view of the customer.

Every decision has to be right for every product, channel and location and aligned with the retailer’s current business strategy.

This is true for retail pricing, too. Retail pricing teams need co-piloting software to analyze all the necessary data and consider dozens of pricing and non-pricing factors to maintain the right prices for millions of products in the assortment at any given moment.

By augmenting the operational intelligence of retail teams with the right tools and tech, retailers gain an incremental margin by reaching category and portfolio goals with the help of optimal prices.

Alexander Galkin
Alexander Galkin
CEO & Co-founder

The new pricing stack

Competera offers a combination of assets to navigate retailers to optimal prices and help them cut expenses and maximize their financial performance.

Trusted by retailers around the globe

We believe Competera is the best in the industry. Their platform provides a set of tools, including market-based pricing and AI-driven demand-based pricing, that offers solutions to an immediate need, as well as our long-term plans.

David Elder, Group Head of International and Pricing for WiggleCRC Group

Competera is a perfect means of goal management as it helps us to track the performance on our strategic targets and identify areas for further growth.

Kevin Lebron, Merchandising Manager at FSA store, USA

For over a year, Competera has been helping us reduce manual work, save plenty of time, track and course-correct strategy implementation and market positioning on a daily basis.

Robert Smigner, E-commerce Merchandiser at Vision Direct, United Kingdom

We have adopted Competera pricing engine which calculated demand elasticity while factoring in product cannibalization and seasonality and increased revenue by 1% over the period of three months.

Tatiana Tepliashyna, Product Owner and Business Analyst at Staples, Netherlands

For almost a year, Competera has been helping us a lot in our pricing journey by giving us the tools we needed to create a new pricing strategy, stay on top of the pricing in the marketplace, and increase our dollar margins.

Lydia Hoppensteadt, Merchandise Manager at PetFlow, USA

The things I enjoy most about the Competera platform are the proactive pricing system and effective sales planning.

Karel Mommers, Pricing and Analytics Manager at Max Guitars, USA

We've already made a huge step in securing our market strategy and handling negotiations with vendors. Now we strongly look into the future when shifting to ML-based price optimization.

Rick Conley, Head Buyer and Director of Vendor Relations at Maxtool, USA
Wiggle FSA Store VisionDirect Staples PetFlow MaxGuitar MaxTool

Meet the Competera Leadership Team

We’re building a global team behind a smart and useful product
Alexander Galkin
Alexander Galkin
Co-founder and CEO
A serial entrepreneur, Alex has 12+ years in auditing and consulting retail enterprises globally. Having created and sold an outsourcing company, Alex has had a C-level role in different tech companies. A Forbes contributor.
Alexander Galkin
Co-founder and CEO
Alexander Sazonov
Alexander Sazonov
Co-founder and COO
At the age of 24, Alex managed a team of 70+ people as a Real Estate Director at Dolphin Strategy. At Competera, Alex became responsible for operational efficiency. Alex has outstanding networking skills.
Alexander Sazonov
Co-founder and COO
Anna Buts
Anna Buts
Head of Marketing
With 10+ years of experience in Product Marketing and E-commerce under her belt, Anna is an inexhaustive resource of lead generation and client acquisition ideas. She is on a constant lookout for occurring trends and challenges in retail for further comprehensive retail community education.
Anna Buts
Head of Marketing
Yuliya Beregovaya
Yuliya Beregovaya
Lead Pricing Solution Architect
During her career at Nielsen, Yulia was involved in understanding shopper behaviors, in-store engagement of buyers, and the conversion path of a shopper into a loyal purchaser. Today, she applies her expertise in identifying customer needs and providing expert pricing solutions consultancy.
Yuliya Beregovaya
Lead Pricing Solution Architect
Vladimir Kuchkanov
Vladimir Kuchkanov
Pricing Science Lead
Vladimir is a top-rated domain expert in business analytics, as well as pricing, revenue and sales growth with a successful track record and over 10 years of experience in some of the world's most admired FMCG companies like Mars and Philip Morris. Vladimir is a machine learning & Data Science enthusiast
Vladimir Kuchkanov
Pricing Science Lead

Meet the Competera Advisory Board

We are honored to be validated and trusted by these renowned industry figures

Maciej Kraus

Partner at Movens Capital

Ex-Head of Sales Strategy and Revenue Optimization at PwC, Maciej is an experienced strategy executive with broad retail and sales expertise.

Jeff Rudat

Merchandise Planning & Analytics Leader

Throughout his career in retail, Jeff has continually built bridges between the needs of the business and analytics & IT solutions.

Emmanuel Lowe

Multi-entrepreneur, business consultant

Owing to 15+ years of retail management experience, Emmanuel is proficient in business strategizing and financial governance.

Meet the Competera Investors

We are proud to be trusted and backed by renowned entrepreneurs and investors

Oleksandr Kosovan & Andrey Dovgenko

Co-founders of SMRK VC Fund

SMRK VC Fund specializes in venture capital investment helping startups on various stages of maturity.

Roman Nikitov

Director at ICU Ventures

Multi-strategy asset management firm focused on the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe. ICU was founded in 2006 by senior investment professionals from ING Bank Ukraine and has over $500MM of assets under management. ICU Ventures has been making early stage investments in rapidly growing technology companies since 2018.

Vitaly Laptenok

General Partner at Flyer One Ventures

An early-stage venture capital fund investing in AI/ML, Online Education, Digital Health, Mobile Apps, Advertising Tech.

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