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anti-crisis pricing
Anti-Crisis Pricing or How To Survive In The Post-COVID World
In this hub, we gathered critical information related to the latest radical transformation of the retail landscape after COVID-19. Find new behavior patterns of your consumers, learn new retail trends, know what business should do right now and more in this ultimate anti-crisis guide.
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dynamic pricing
Dynamic Pricing: Your Comprehensive A-Z Guide
Dynamic pricing implies setting diversified prices targeting various groups of shoppers using the analytics at the junction of marketing trends, demand fluctuations, and other factors. Use this guide to find answers to all the questions that might appear while preparing to implement or already using a dynamic approach.
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competitive pricing
A Champion’s Guide to Competitive Pricing
An ultimative content hub that sheds light on competitive-based pricing and related topics. Discover the basics, master the tips, and learn how to use this strategy to boost your business metrics.
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White Paper
White Paper
[White Paper] Practical Guide: Price Optimization in Retail
This paper briefly outlines what approaches retailers can use to offer optimal prices; get acquainted with the key differences between these approaches; obtain a better understanding of how ML-driven pricing works; discover the proven results of ML-based pricing.
White Paper
White Paper
[White Paper] Bottlenecks of Competitive Data Scraping and Delivery: How Retailers Are Losing Their Revenue
In this white paper we uncover competitive data quality requirements for different retailers, which criteria to use when checking the data quality after data collection process is finished, how the cost of data delivery varies by quality level, and which questions to  ask the data provider when signing a contract to avoid fatal online retail mistakes, etc.
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White Paper
Pricing Scenarios
[White Paper] Pricing scenarios to outperform competitors and negotiate suppliers
In this whitepaper, you will get pricing scenarios to beat competitors and win negotiations with suppliers.
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[Survey] How the quality of competitive data affects the key business indicators of a retailer
According to Competera’s survey, 80% of the company's 200 customers from 18 countries consider the quality of a competitor’s data to be the key factor that guides them when they are choosing a partner for the introduction, development and improvement of pricing processes.
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Repricing Scenarios
[White Paper] Repricing Scenarios to Increase the Turnover of an Online Store
In this whitepaper, you will get a clear roadmap for pricing scenarios usage. Using the repricing algorithms from this white paper with your business data and goals allows for an improvement of your online store’s turnover.
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White Paper
[White Paper] Five Proven Profit Increasing Rules for Retailers
In this white paper, we show how online stores can increase its revenue with specific pricing rules examples. Use your data with the rules below, set your inventory prices more effectively, and increase the economic efficiency of your business!
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Free E-book
[Free E-book] Agile Pricing
Agile Pricing™ gives a retailer the ability to achieve spectacular KPIs for any chosen product category, brand or whole assortment. Learn how Agile PricingTM can merge and improve different pricing approaches.
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