How to Get Customers Buy from You: 3 Vital Components of a Great Customer Experience >
How to Get Customers Buy from You: 3 Vital Components of a Great Customer Experience
Tenfold operations costs savings thanks to high-quality competitive data >
Consumer electronics
Sdvor Adaptive pricing >
Consumer electronics
Competera Named High Performer Spring 2021 by G2 Crowd
Spring 2021 brings Competera another High Performer award from the G2 Crowd
Competera Wins the “Committed to Deliver” Award from Software Suggest
Competera was recognized as a Committed to Deliver vendor by Software Suggest
Your Guide to Real-Time Pricing and Electronic Shelf Labels
Contextualized real-time pricing becomes a part of the retail shopping experience both online and offline. Let's find in which cases implementing ESL system and other real-time pricing tools can bring the real value.
How to Keep Existing eCommerce Customers in 2021
The boost of digital sales also has a 'dark side'. Find how to retain your e-commerce clients in time when the competition is getting tougher.
Effective Strategies for Retail in 2021 >
Effective Strategies for Retail in 2021
Competera and Customertimes announce partnership >
Competera and Customertimes announce partnership
Emmanuel Lowe Joins Advisory Board at Competera
2021 has brought another prominent company achievement - Emmanuel Lowe joins Competera as an advisor. Read more about our new retail expert.
Overview on Demand Forecasting in 2021
Explore the facts showing why demand forecasting is essential for every retail enterprise eager to win in 2021
Competera named a Representative Vendor by Gartner
Competera was included as a Representative Vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Retail Unified Price, Promotion and Markdown Optimization Applications
The Retailer Who Must Not Be Named Case Study >
Case study
How to Use Data for Pricing Recommendations >
How to Use Data for Pricing Recommendations
White Paper
Five Proven Profit Increasing Rules for Retailers
Free E-book
Agile Pricing
Case Study on How Uses Competera Products >
Consumer electronics
RDE Group
Dynamic Pricing Algorithm Example
What is the Dynamic pricing algorithm? How can it help to boost revenue or increase your profit? Why do market leaders choose this method? Get all the answers in Competera’s full technical guide.
How to Build an Accurate Forecasting Model
Find how to build a precise predictive model for a business with extreme seasonality and start capitalizing on it.
Competitive Pricing Analysis for Competitive Pricing Strategy
Competitive pricing analysis is your key to increase revenue and stay ahead of the competition. Learn how to choose the right tools and reach the next level of pricing.
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