Competera Wins High Performer Winter 2020 by G2 Crowd >
Competera Wins High Performer Winter 2020 by G2 Crowd
The Retailer Who Must Not Be Named Case Study >
Case study
Case Study on How Uses Competera Products >
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RDE Group
Competitor-based repricing increased turnover and revenue at >
Case study
Price Waterfall | Brilliant way to Fix Your Prices
Equip yourself with one of the most effective methods to identify money leakages at every price level. Know how retail teams use it to master their market.
How to Improve your LTV [Use Case]
The world of SaaS solutions is vast. We are publishing this article penned by OWOX, a SaaS company that delivers analytical solutions, as a guest post.
Brand Perception in Retail
89% of customers are loyal to brands sharing their values. Learn how retailers can benefit from sustainable brand perception management and what has software to do with it.
How to Find the Best Price using Price Testing >
How to Find the Best Price using Price Testing
Learn Your Market with Price Index >
Learn Your Market with Price Index
Wired Smarter 2019: Future of Retail
Last week, Competera went to Wired Smarter 2019 to find what retail trendsetters think about tech-driven opportunities and challenges of tomorrow. Here are the main takeaways from Sainsbury's, eBay, MATCHESFASHION, and Peak.
Pricing Engine: Your Key to Optimal Prices
Take a sneak-peak at the technology which ensures sustainable growth for online and brick-and-mortar retail leaders. Find how pricing engine helps to deliver comprehensive customer experience in retail.
Value-Based Pricing in Retail
Go through the basics of value-based pricing, and how it can be used to increase sales and revenue for retailers of all shapes and sizes.
Allo increased its CTR 2.5 times with Softkub and Competera >
Case study
Pricing Rules: Right Prices for Every Product >
Pricing Rules: Right Prices for Every Product
Ulmart improved customer acquisition cost ROI, and margins growth >
Case study
Comfy analysed demand elasticity for all acquisition channels >
Consumer electronics
Competera is an Official Google Cloud Partner
Competera has become an official Google Cloud partner. Now, retailers can benefit from even greater security, speed of integration, and resource management capabilities.
Hiring Head of Innovation in Retail
Learn how an experienced head of innovation operating advanced pricing tool can drive the business through multiple challenges faced by the industry today.
Pricing Audits: Simple Tips to Boost Retail Business
Auditing is an important part of keeping the business financially healthy. Find everything on the benefits of price audits, the risks of going without it, and practical tips on implementing audits.
Pricing Strategies in retail for 2018
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