Jeff Roster, an established retail researcher and advisor with decades of retail and advisory experience, has joined the Advisory Council of Competera. Currently the producer and cohost of This Week in Innovation & Third Eye Podcast Network and GMU Retail Center Advisory Council, Jeff previously served as VP of Industry Market Strategies, Retail at Gartner. 

Commenting on his career shift to Advising, Jeff Roster says: 

“Coming from a retailer’s family, I realize how important it is to have a voice advocating new solutions and vocalizing the unpopular. So at one point in my career, I understood that I wanted to work closely with people to develop solutions with the best and quickest impact on the changes in the retail environment and facilitate this influence with my experience. At this point, startups are the pace and quality drivers.” 

He also adds about his decision to join Competera’s Advisory Council:

“When we first met with Competera in 2021, their narrative had already been around combating the rising inflation and shaping the product to respond to upcoming macroeconomic changes. At that point, I understood that we were definitely looking in one direction and would manage to achieve significant results faster by consolidating our efforts. As a result, I consider Competera one of the solution providers ahead of the curve in addressing retailers, and I’m excited to join and work together”. 

In his turn, Alexandr Galkin, CEO and co-founder of Competera, comments: “Being a company behind a disruptive and quick impact retail technology, we are always on the lookout for gaining more trust from the market players. But, of course, nothing speaks louder than numbers in these cases: our cooperation with major retailers resulted in an 8% average uplift in revenue, and a 6% average uplift in margin has already helped us achieve significant recognition in the market. Empowered by Jeff Roster’s profound retail and advisory expertise and his trusted and solid voice, I’m sure we will succeed even faster.”

About Jeff Roster:

After starting his career as a Distribution Manager at ​​Mervyn’s, Jeff Roster joined Gartner and dedicated 16 years to the company as Principal Analyst and VP of Industry Market Strategies, Retail. Followed by 4 years as VP of Retail Strategy at IHL Services, Jeff moved on to join Apptricity Corporation as Chairman of the Retail Advisory Board and become an Advisory Council Member at GMU Center for Retail Transformation.

Today, Jeff Roster is a Strategic Advisor at Third Eye Advisory and Producer and Cohost of the industry-leading This Week in the Innovation Podcast, covering the future trends in the retail sector IT landscape and accurately predicting their impact on IT spending patterns. In 2021 and 2022, Jeff Roster was also recognized as Rethink Retail Top Retail Influencer. 

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