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Our revenue increased by 1% incrementally three months after a data-driven mechanism was adopted within the pricing engine. The solution factors in product cannibalization and seasonality to calculate demand elasticity. It suggests optimal prices and the best promotional products, among other tasks.
Tatiana Tepliashyna
Product Owner and Business Analyst at Staples, Netherlands
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We believe that modern machine learning technology could empower humans with better decisions
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Markdown optimization: saving profit margin
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Boosting revenue by 16% without risking profit margins
case study
Find Me A Gift
Improving revenue by 9% with the help of AI
case study
RD Electronics
Setting optimal prices across five European markets
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Tenfold operations costs savings thanks to high-quality competitive data
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Boosting revenue and sales across over 100 price zones

Customer Quotes

We help our clients become more profitable. In return, they trust us.

In drug retail, the risks of unsustainable promo policy are higher than anywhere else. Many players undertake unjustified promos and get into endless price wars undermining profit margin rates. We came to Competera to avoid this risk and be 100% aware of how our price changes influence revenue.

With the platform, we can make sustainable pricing decisions every day. Competera is also a perfect means of goal management as it helps us to track the performance on our strategic targets and identify areas for further growth.

Kevin Lebron
Merchandising Manager, FSA Store, USA
Maxtool is at the stage of advanced market analysis and automated repricing within our pricing journey. We get help from Competera's platform and find the platform an appropriate to reach comprehensive price optimization. We've already made a huge step in securing our market strategy and handling negotiations with vendors. Now we strongly look into the future when shifting to ML-based price optimization.
Rick Conley
Head Buyer and Director of Vendor Relations, Maxtool, USA

We've been using Competera for only a few months but it is already indispensable for the team. Out of all the benefits it has, Competera helped us reduce manual work and save plenty of time that we can now spend on strategically important tasks. We are now capable of tracking market positioning and strategy implementation on a daily basis.

We look forward to enhancing our position with Competera via advanced price optimization and proactive pricing. Competera managed to satisfy our requests and that's why we would definitely recommend it to other retailers.

Robert Smigner
E-commerce Merchandiser, Vision Direct, United Kingdom
Thanks to Competera's solution we use the pricing platform designed considering our rules on a daily basis. The quality of the solution makes repricing a lot easier for us, allowing us to focus on tactical or strategic moves instead of wasting our time on routine tasks.
Tatiana Volnuhina
Head of Market Intelligence, Maxidom, Russia
More than two years ago, we've started to use Competera pricing platform and I can say for sure that the business value we receive goes beyond all our expectations. Before Competera, we used another price optimization software but the service did not meet our needs. That's why we switched to Competera. The things I enjoy most about the platform are the proactive pricing system and effective sale planning. We use Competera to secure our prices and correct our strategy when it is needed.
Karel Mommers
Pricing and Analytics Manager, Max guitars, USA
Competera became our reliable partner for pricing. We are happy to move forward through our pricing journey on the way to fully automated processes based on price recommendations produced by machine learning algorithms. I recommend the pricing platform to retailers looking to fulfil their goals and increase growth dynamics.
Stanislav Polishhuk
Commercial Director, MOYO, Ukraine
We've been working with Competera for more than a year and achieved good results: we significantly reduced the time spent on pricing in general and improved key business indicators.
Artem Kopylov
Commercial Director,, Kazakhstan
Spreadsheet pricing is dead to me. I’m sure that category managers are empowered to achieve their KPIs and even more. Revenue is going up, and I can focus on strategy and vendor relations.
Oleksandr Marchenko
Head of eCommerce, Watsons, Ukraine
Quick, a good value for money and a very helpful support team.
It was a very short time from start to finished setup, we could get value for money almost from the get-go.
Jakob Stuart
Pricing & Purchase Analyst, Footway, Sweden
With Competera, we strengthen our pricing attractiveness across key products in the Indonesian online retail market. The platform delivers actual pricing recommendations in a usable format, allowing us to make considerable changes in the assortment to keep up with our regular marketing campaigns.
Yudha Pangestu
Pricing Analyst, Mataharimall, Indonesia

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