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Competera, the industry leading provider of AI-powered pricing optimization solutions, is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with CLEVR, a technology solutions provider that helps clients drive value through the deployment of innovative software. This new collaboration brings together two industry leaders with decades of experience in their respective fields to offer retailers and brands a complete pricing and promotion solution.

With over 500 customers, including industry giants such as Siemens, Continental, Rituals, and ING, CLEVR has built a reputation for excellence in product lifecycle management (PLM) and low-code software solutions. Their team of more than 250 low-code and PLM experts, located across Europe, provide top-notch services, tooling, and training to businesses across a range of sectors.

Competera's AI-powered pricing platform has revolutionized the retail industry by enabling retailers and brands to set and maintain optimal price positions through AI-generated recommendations. By analyzing billions of possible price combinations and factoring in 20+ pricing and non-pricing factors, the platform's deep learning algorithms help clients minimize financial losses while increasing customer trust.

Through this new referral partnership, Competera willpartner with CLEVR helping customers seeking assistance with promotional management, as well as offering customers deeper analytics for pricing or promotions requiring them. This partnership will enable clients to access a comprehensive pricing and promotion solution, offering unparalleled value and driving business success.

"We are excited to partner with CLEVR to offer our clients a complete pricing and promotion solution," said Alex Galkin, founder and CEO of Competera. "By combining our expertise in AI-powered pricing with CLEVR’s experience in product lifecycle management and low-code software solutions, we are confident that we can help businesses across all retail industries and markets achieve their goals."

“By completing our low-code and product lifecycle management expertise with the unparalleled AI-powered pricing platform from Competera, we will offer retailers and brands the most comprehensive pricing and promotion capabilities in the market—a unique proposition in times where innovation plays a differentiating role”, complemented Jeroen Hanekamp, CEO of CLEVR.

With this new partnership, Competera and CLEVR are poised to revolutionize the retail industry and drive lasting value for their clients.

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