AI-based Price Optimization with 12.3% revenue uplift

Learn how a DIY retailer Vimos maximized revenue without traffic losses in the short term and saved profit during the low season.

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Vimos used Competera to set prices based on the elasticity of demand, analysis of product cross-dependencies and 20+ pricing and non-pricing factors.After the pilot launch, Vimos decided to scale Competera on all 43 stores and update its pricing methodology and approaches.

Revenue increased by 12.3%

Gross profit boosted by 8.45%

Sales items increased by 6.31%

1% of traffic

Repricing takes 2 hours once a week

Software Trusted by Customers Across the Globe

Take a look at the results of companies who have already taken advantage of our price optimization software:

4.5% uplift in gross profit

$5B annual revenue
Consumers electronics retailer

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10.3% gross profit saving

$120M annual revenue
Footwear retailer

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8.1% revenue increase

$67M annual revenue
Beauty retailer

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  • wiggle
  • foxtrot
  • rd-electronics
  • intertop
  • petstock
  • staples
  • vision
  • leroy-merlin
  • keller
  • senukai

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