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Competera, a leading pricing platform provider, announced today the appointment of Lori Mitchell-Keller to its Advisory Council. Lori is a strategic global leader who has spent 30 years growing, differentiating, and improving businesses through technology transformation. Lori is committed to guiding organizations in how to transform their companies through innovative technology and next-generation business processes.

Lori has a successful track record of developing and effectively executing business and continuous improvement strategies. She is a highly-skilled advisor providing comprehensive solutions to the C-Suite and their boards, enabling some of the largest companies in the world to transform while remaining agile in competitive environments. Lori is a former SAP and Google Cloud executive, and is passionate about collaborating with and empowering companies to elevate the strategic value delivered to their ecosystem. She is focused on the dynamic intersection of science, people, and operations to guide conversations and consequential actions for a better world.

When asked about what inspired her to join the Advisory Council, Lori said, "Competera is uniquely positioned to help retailers solve their pricing challenges while at the same time increasing productivity and effectively managing the competition. The pricing space has been ripe for innovation for quite some time, but until Competera, there has not been a platform that could optimize across all the various lifecycle stages of product pricing including shelf pricing, promotion and markdowns."

Lori also spoke about the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the industry today, "Given the economic headwinds that companies are facing today, they must be hyper-diligent on expenses. Only those investments that contribute directly to the bottom line will be prioritized. Competera does just that by helping retailers price effectively, making Competera's pricing platform a 'must-have' vs. many other software investments that may be 'nice to have'."

Lori is particularly excited about Competera's ability to solve the full lifecycle of pricing, something she has been working to achieve throughout her 25-year career in software. She stated, "It's exciting to now be working with a company that can actually solve this problem."

"We are thrilled to welcome Lori to our Advisory Council," said Alexandr Galkin, CEO and co-founder of Competera. "Lori's vast experience and industry knowledge will be a valuable asset to our company as we continue to innovate and grow. We look forward to working with her to help retailers optimize their pricing strategies and increase their bottom line."

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