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Starboard Cruise Services, a pioneering LVMH Company in the cruise retail industry, has chosen Competera, a leading pricing intelligence and automation solution provider, to drive sustainable sales growth in the competitive cruise market.

Starboard Cruise Services, with a presence on over 100 cruise ships worldwide and a team of more than 2000 employees, is dedicated to offering its guests an exceptional shopping experience with world-class brands and curated product offerings, all while providing significant tax and duty-free savings. 

Competera's comprehensive pricing solution offered a tailored approach to meet the unique needs of Starboard Cruise Services. The solutions include:

Pricing Automation: Competera's advanced pricing automation solution provides Starboard with automated rule-based and event-driven repricing supplemented with data-based analytical dashboards revealing the impact of each decision on financial results.

State of the Art Machine Learning: Competera is to implement machine learning algorithms providing optimal pricing in sync with market and consumer demands.

Competitive Data and Analytical Reports: Competera's competitive intelligence data and analytical reports empowering data-driven decisions and competitive advantage.

“With a highly complex global operation structure, we needed a pricing solution suite that allowed us to set and maintain prices,” said Delia Valcarcel, Sr. Director, Business Performance, Bus Intell. & Analytics at Starboard Cruise Services. “Competera’s suite is a game-changer that optimizes pricing across the lifecycle of the product, incorporating multi-dimensional analytics and AI solutions to support decision making.”  

"We are thrilled to lead Starboard Cruise Services in their full lifecycle pricing journey," said Alex Galkin, CEO and founder of Competera. "Our advanced pricing automation and optimization tools together with competitive data analytics will empower Starboard Cruise Services  to optimize their pricing strategy, increase profitability, and maintain their industry leadership."

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