Smart Price Scraping Software To Make Only Right Pricing Decisions

Price Scraping Software

Fueling In-house Pricing Systems to Set the Right Prices and Increase Revenue

The data you need to enhance your pricing strategy is out there. As a successful retailer, you need to be sure that your business is finding and using this data to the fullest extent. Purchasing an external price scraping service can help your business engage with your customer base and increase revenue.

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Competitive Data for Retailers

Extracting data from competitors is becoming increasingly difficult thanks to CAPTCHAs and other defensive tools. Even when data is successfully taken from a site, many data scraping tools lack the complexity to be able to verify the quality of the data they’ve collected. Unstructured data or outdated pricing data can disrupt even the best pricing strategy, and prevent your business from maximizing profit as a result.

In-house systems require high quality data to run seamlessly and become the foundation for future innovations in pricing, marketing or any other department. Data quality is often an issue when scraping prices from websites for both internal and external solutions.

Competera’s data scraping service provides fresh, timely and high-quality data about competitors’ prices for retailers to increase the effectiveness of pricing and other operations.

Why choose Competera?

Competera is an all-in-one pricing platform with a disruptive pricing approach leading to touchable results for omnichannel retailers.

Let us show you

  • Turnkey solution Reprice thousands of SKUs from Day 1
  • Suits any portfolio Manage any number of categories
  • Technological transparency Feed in dozens of constraints

Let us guide you

  • Individual pricing design 4⁴ pricing solution combinations
  • Short-term forecast Assumption accuracy 90%+
  • Well-balanced pricing Consider dozens of factors and manage 2 KPIs at once for optimal prices

Let us impress you

  • Subscription-based mode Minimal subscription - 1 year
  • Fast integration Integration & first profit - in 60 days
  • PoC-proven results Duration up to 90 days
  • Guaranteed projected profit ROI 600%-800%

Why Customers Trust Us

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    Dedicated price scraping.
    Price scraper software collects any product data available on a competitor’s website, marketplace or a mobile app in any format. Retailers can use the data to analyze competitors’ stock, promotional activities, pricing strategies, and more.
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    Custom logic of data crawling.
    Choose what type of data you need (whether you need every bit of data presented on the product page or only prices) depending on your business goals.
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    Data when and where a retailer requires it.
    Your company schedules the time to scrape prices and we deliver the data based on their business needs. You can transfer your data to any in-house standard ERPs system or custom platform smoothly.
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    Near real-time data freshness.
    Competera collects data no less than once per two hours. However, you can customize your data delivery for whenever you find it most convenient.
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    Data management transparency.
    Track the process and quality of your data delivery through a visual dashboard and daily reports.
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    SLA-guaranteed data quality.
    Competera is responsible for ensuring the data quality indicated in our agreement. What you ask for we deliver, guaranteed.
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    Multilevel data checking algorithm.
    ML-based algorithms and human managers check the quality of your data before it is delivered to you to ensure your company can utilize it to the fullest extent.
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    Guided integration, further onboarding and support.
    Competera fully manages the adoption and maintenance of our price scraping tool. A dedicated customer success manager ensures a seamless workflow for your company.

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How Our Clients Use Data Scraping

Companies benefit from the pricing data provided by Competera’s price scraper software to fuel a variety of in-house or external projects.

  • To power an internal pricing hub, increasing customer loyalty by building the right price perception across many markets and selling channels.
  • To build in-house innovative solutions for a variety of departments, including but not limited to marketing, pricing, and eCommerce.
  • To offer consultancy services to other market players.
  • To negotiate better deals with vendors, etc.

With Competera’s Price Scraping Software, Retailers Build and Maintain Powerful In-house Pricing Hubs and Thrive in the Market

Our price scrapers deliver full, timely and fresh data by any number of parameters from any competitor at any time.

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