Price Intelligence Software

Price Intelligence for Retailers

Pricing Intelligence can help retailers compile a myriad of factors about their key competitors, both pricing and non-pricing, to help fine-tune and perfect their pricing strategy.

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Finding the right information about your competitors in a timely manner is no easy feat

How can companies ensure that their competitive insights are up-to-date, accurate, and incorporate all the necessary factors about products, prices and more? How can companies consider important non-pricing attributes regarding their competitors into their pricing strategy?

Lots of products, competitors, and variables, all viewable on one platform

Collecting and analyzing competitive intelligence is easier said than done. Even when using high-quality software, many aspects of competitor activity that could significantly impact your pricing strategy often go overlooked. A good price intelligence tool needs to compare everything from shipping information to product photos, and deliver this information fast enough for your company to utilize it effectively.

Viewing such drastically different data that is so difficult to collect en masse may sound too good to be true. But with Competera’s price intelligence solution, your company can view all of your key competitive insights in a single interface designed to help you conceptualize and utilize fresh, high-quality, complex data as simply as possible.

The more you know your competitors,
the more you know the market

With such an incredible insight into your own business and your key competitors, your business is guaranteed to experience an increase in sales without a reduction in profit by making the right pricing decisions at the right time, every time.

What Price Intelligence Software Can do for You

Using competitive insights from Competera, you will recieve easy-to-read graphs and charts, compiling and displaying your hand-picked price intelligence data all in one platform. Enjoy notifications and alerts on important changes in products, prices, and more. Experience the helpfulness and convenience of our dedicated customer support team and strong SLA.
Manage your assortment and stock more efficiently
Our competitive insights can help your company view the dynamics of your assortment compared to the market, assortment intersection, and will alert you to when there are new products to manage or products have been removed.
Obtain improved and enhanced price intelligence data
With Competera, your company still has all the advantages pricing data can give them such as information on competitor promotional activities, MAP monitoring, and market price positioning. Alongside non-pricing competitive data, you will be able to utilize this pricing data more efficiently than ever before.
Consider installment plans and credit-based sales
Installment plans can be just as important as promotions in regards to pricing. Find out any credit options your competitors offer and whether your plans are competitive in comparison.
Optimize your content
Compare your product pictures, titles, and descriptions to key competitors. Discover whether your sales content can be improved and enhanced to make your offers more appealing.

Don’t limit your understanding of your competitors

Utilize the power of competitor intelligence to create a pivotal pricing strategy for your business.