Price Intelligence Software for retailers
Price Intelligence
Timely and accurate data about competitors’ strategies and market changes
Price Intelligence Journey
Competitive Data Internal Data
Changelog Storing
Data Visualization
Insights Crafting
+ Alerts
Price is the most important aspect of a retail business. It directly affects brand image and KPIs.
60% of shoppers choose the retailer with an optimal price
01 full market visibility
Ensures full visibility of market changes and competitors’ impact on sales metrics while showing the competitors which influence demand by region and category
02 competitive insights
Visualizes competitive landscape at any level, including Minimum Advertised Prices, facilitating price positioning management and identifying price sensitivity effect from competitors’ fluctuations
03 market violation
Crafts competitive insights analyzing the market violations, competitors’ actions across marketplaces, categories or brands, and provides historical data with a full market overview enhancing negotiations with suppliers
04 actionable alerts
Creates actionable alerts for retailers to rapidly respond to competitor’s actions and boosts margins at the category level

Competitive Insights

Power your team with a comprehensive market view. Price Intelligence Platform delivers daily answers to these questions

  • How do your prices, promotions, and assortment differ from those of your competitors?
  • What are the market challenges to respond to immediately?
  • Which competitors affect customer demand by region, category, and product?

Promotions Intelligence

Craft winning offers for clients, improve customer experience, and predict competitors’ actions to entice your customers

Price Distribution
Drive your purchasing decisions relying on analytics and historical data
Control assortment intersection with your competitors and identify products to enlarge your range with
Strengthen your position when negotiating with suppliers
Product Matches

Automatic, manual and hybrid matches with the multilevel checking mechanism

  • data about competitors’ whole assortment
  • highlighted intersections with competitors’ assortment
Google Chrome Extention

Detailed pricing analysis for any competitors’ web page. Retailers can install the extension directly to the browser, connect it to their product catalog, and have all the data to map their position on the market at their fingertips.

Why Customers Trust Competera
How Competera’s Price Intelligence Platform Empowers Retail Enterprises
  • Precise Pricing Optimum

    Accurate, manageable and rapid matches across a broad range of categories. A transparent monitoring environment to control the matches and delivery metrics
  • On-demand Market Data

    Customizable reports for all retail teams. Category, marketing, and eCommerce managers, as well as analysts, receive data necessary for their operations
  • Better Pricing and Promotions Strategies

    Advanced analytics, flexible reports, and automatic notifications allow retailers to quickly reprice products and continuously fine-tune pricing strategies
  • World-Class Customer Support

    A dedicated manager ensures individual onboarding for every company, assists in choosing optimal strategies and supervises their implementation
  • Full Market Visibility

    Data about pricing, stock, and promo, among other metrics, delivered with custom logic and freshness
  • Competitive Insights at Fingertips

    Daily opportunities for margin or market share growth which factor in products’ cross-elasticity
Changing the Way Retailers Work

Explore customers stories

Placido Farada Acer Europe, France

Competera helped us monitor the prices on our products at different markets, price aggregators, and marketplaces. Prices variations of our products are quite frequent in the market. Competera provides very useful tool for eCommerce purposes to monitor the products pricing across the online channel. Show more

Eugene Polivar Ecommerce Director at Foxtrot

I’m a current user of the Competera pricing software. I’d say the big task is done for the managers of product categories in the online channel. Online fully automated competitor’s price tracking helped us significantly reduce the time for data processing and product pricing. After the integration with the service our prices got protected from possible human errors. Show more

Sinziana Visan FIND ME A GIFT, Merchandiser, United Kingdom

Having more than 7000 products in our range can be difficult to monitor from a pricing perspective. In the gift retail sector, prices change every day and for us to deal with all that new data is a real challenge. We wanted an accurate and reliable pricing solution that could help us be more price competitive and gain more profit per product. Show more

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