Price Intelligence Software for Retailers

Competera helps retailers to gather tons of important information about their key competitors, both in pricing and non-pricing. Get deeper understanding of competitors to fine-tune and perfect your pricing strategy.

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Products, Gaps, Variables, and Competitive Insights on one platform

Are you sure that your competitive insights are up-to-date, accurate, and incorporate all the necessary factors about products, prices and more? Even with high-quality software, many aspects of competitor’s activity that could significantly impact your pricing strategy often go overlooked. That’s why we created Competera – a scalable and comprehensive pricing platform for retailers. It allows to compare everything from shipping information to product photos as well as deliver this data fast enough to effectively utilize it.

Now your company can see every vital competitive insight in a single interface designed to help you contextualize and utilize fresh, high-quality, complex data as simple as possible.

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Success is a journey. Let's complete it together

Competera moves retailers from reactive to proactive pricing strategies. We navigate your team to optimal prices for every product across all selling channels.

  • Goal-driven

    Goal-driven scenarios based on ML/AI models and automated pricing for the whole retailer’s portfolio

  • Proactive

    SKU & description-based approach with pricing rules and recommendations

  • Market-driven

    Using of market & product intelligence, sophisticated product matching and competitive analysis

  • Traditional

    Using of inaccurate and fragmented data with manual checks and human-centric decisions

What You Get With Pricing Intelligence Software

Manage your assortment and stock more efficiently
With Competera, you can rely on any timely data from any source anywhere in the world. Insights based on this data will help your company see the dynamics of your assortment compared to the market, your assortment intersection, and will allow you to enhance your pricing strategy. By taking these tasks off your hands and onto our platform, you can spend more time making better negotiations with suppliers.
Obtain improved and enhanced pricing data
Using competitive intelligence platform your company obtains all the advantages of pricing data such as information on competitor promotional activities, MAP monitoring, and market price positioning. We deliver it in easy-to-read graphs and charts, compiling and displaying competitive intelligence data in a single user-friendly dashboard.
Consider installment plans and sales promotions
Installment plans can be as crucial as promotions when it comes to pricing. Find out any credit options your competitors offer and whether your ideas are effective in comparison.
Optimize your content
Compare your product pictures, titles, and descriptions to key competitors. Discover whether sales content can be improved and enhanced to make your offering more appealing. Moreover, Competera notifies you about necessary changes in different pricing and non-pricing factors to make pricing decisions more profitable.

Trusted by top companies worldwide

  • Staples
  • Vodafone
  • Jumia
  • Pet Stock
  • Delonghi
  • Kogan
  • Lego
  • Mothercare
  • Samsung
  • RDE
  • Acer

Don’t limit your understanding of your competitors

Use the power of price intelligence to create effective and beneficial pricing strategy for your business.

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