Competitor Price Monitoring & Tracking Software

Price Tracking and Monitoring Software

Competera platform helps your commercial team to stay proactive with:

  • smart scrapping based on real competitors’ identification
  • up to three times faster price monitoring
  • fresh data with an accuracy rate up to 98%
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What is competitor price monitoring software?

Price monitoring software is used to get fresh and correct information about prices, promos, availability, product visual representation, customer reviews, and other data from competitors’ websites.

Comprehensive price monitoring enables retailers to grow by further implementation of automated pricing rules and price optimization.

Step 1

Always right and timely pricing decisions

Competera provides category managers with market insights on MAP policy execution, stock availability, promo, credits, and other crucial variables helping to find new sales opportunities and outperform competitors.
Step 2

Strengthen your pricing strategy
and experience data-driven results

Businesses using Competera get pricing data with an accuracy up to 98%.
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Use smart scraping to get the data you need

Each competitor impacts your sales in a different way. An average assortment intersection with other retailers is 35%.

Competera’s helps to identify your real competitors with no risk of being misled by irrelevant data.

Dashboard data
Dashboard data

Make the first step to optimal pricing with competitor price tracking

To start the journey to optimal pricing, retailers need fresh and correct data about competitors and their pricing policy.

  • Goal-driven

    Goal-driven scenarios based on ML/AI models and automated pricing for the whole retailer’s portfolio

  • Proactive

    SKU & description-based approach with pricing rules and recommendations

  • Market-driven

    Using of market & product intelligence, sophisticated product matching and competitive analysis

  • Traditional

    Using of inaccurate and fragmented data with manual checks and human-centric decisions

Why market leaders choose Competera?

Trusted Dataset
Competera delivers data every 3 hours with custom-logic smart crawling, sophisticated product matching, and SLA-guaranteed accuracy.
Real-time Market Positioning
Your retail team gets a 360° view of competitive landscape and market insights identifying potential threats and new sales opportunities.
Smarter Decisions
Pricing managers are able to switch from reactive to proactive pricing understanding real competitors and exact assortment intersections.
Flexible Integration
Competera ensures smooth integration with various types of sources (e.g. ERP, e-commerce platforms).

Who wins with our price tracking software?

We believe that Competera can make your company & team performance better

Head of Category Management

  • Identify real competitors stealing your sales
  • Manage portfolio more efficiently using data on assortment intersection
  • Switch from reactive to proactive pricing
  • Lead efficient team powered to reach business targets

Category Manager

  • Use pricing insights to find new sales opportunities
  • Negotiate better conditions from suppliers due to 360° market vision
  • Improve market perception with comprehensive price monitoring
  • Reach goals on category level by combining rule-based approach with comprehensive data

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