Advanced pricing software for retailers from competera.

Advanced Pricing Software For Retail Teams

Competera is a cloud-based platform for brick&click retailers. It provides price and promo recommendations based on brand perception, consumer demand, and individual business rules.

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Does your sales uplift compensate for your discounts?
Do higher prices cover your fall in sales?
Do you know the reasons behind your margin

Single Pricing Workstation

Whether you are a multi-brand or a mono-brand retailer, Competera provides a set of solutions suitable for your particular needs. They result in a prediction accuracy of up to 98% and a balance of profit and sales.



Competera’s native pricing engine is driven by individual business targets and constraints. Create your own winning strategy based on your rules and measure the impact of pricing decisions on your sales


An advanced pricing engine built on heavy math and machine learning algorithms. Each pricing recommendation is based on cross-impact between products in your portfolio and up to 60 pricing and non-pricing factors

Hybrid Pricing

Cover 100% of your product portfolio and get the most effective scalable results by combining rule- and demand-based pricing approaches

How Competera’s software works

Combining the experience of Competera’s pricing
and solution architects, we guarantee to build
an optimal pricing model in 60 days.
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Competera Platform

  • Rule-based pricing engine
  • Common library of repricing rules
  • Rules customization
  • Team’s goal management
  • Sales forecasting
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The proof is in the numbers

Take a look at the results of companies who have already taken advantage of our price optimization software:
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16% revenue increase

A consumer electronics retailer maximized revenue without losing their margins
Read the case
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10.3% gross profit saving

An apparel retailer used markdown recommendations during sale campaign
Read the case
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8.1% revenue increase

A health & beauty retailer achieved revenue as well as item sales growth
Read the case

Enterprise-grade Software

With Competera, you get dedicated solution and pricing architects to guide you through your journey to optimal pricing. Our proof of concept model allows you to measure if Competera is right for you before full deployment of the system
5 days
Data Audit
60 days
Full Integration
30 days
Pilot Project
ROI x7
Feedback Audit
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Trusted Security Solution

Competera acts confidentially, so we never blend customers’ data in the storage or process it in a shared infrastructure within our clients. Being an official Google technological partner, we create a separate Google Cloud project for each business to ensure that all of the data is fully separated, encapsulated, and will never leave the cloud.

Try, Succeed, Repeat

Every price recommendation from Competera is based on cross-impact between products in your portfolio and dozens of pricing and non-pricing factors.

  • Maximize revenue without losing profit margins
  • Switch from traditional to a goal-driven approach
  • Set optimal prices using ML-driven recommendations