Price Optimization Software for Brick&Click retailers

Price Optimization Software

Elasticity-based pricing solution for Brick-and-Click retailers to boost profit margins by 5% and increase revenue by 15% at portfolio level.

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Who wins with Competera

We believe that modern technologies can make your company & team performance better.

Pricing Team
  • Goal-driven pricing scenarios help to set & reach business targets
  • Move from reactive to proactive pricing
  • Prediction accuracy of models - 90-98%
  • Storage of positive & negative pricing experiences
  • Save 40 hours of work each month
Management Team
  • Cross-elasticity pricing approach guarantees a balance between the rate of sales and your profit margin
  • Pricing at portfolio level increases margin profits by 2-5%
  • Promo pressure is minimized
  • Predictable & repeatable success
All Teams
  • Revenue boost by 5-15%
  • Profit margin increase by 2-5%
  • Profit increase in 2 months. Proven pilot results - in 2 months
  • Scale ease to any number of categories

How Our Retail Pricing Software Works

Our pricing tool powered by a dense neural network combines strategy, business rules, ML, and data to recommend optimal prices and forecast the effect on the demand. The model guarantees 90-98% short-term prediction accuracy.

1 Add history of 2+ years data sources

- Sales transactions
- Stocks
- Assortment info
- Repricing activities

2 Define business targets

Choose the right repricing model to increase sales volumes or revenue.

3 Define business constraints

To control the repricing outcomes, add multiple business rules - from maximum number of repriced products, groups of products locked for repricing to costs & MAP.

4 Get optimal prices

Apply price recommendations to reach your business targets.

Don’t take our word for granted! Your journey with Competera:

Try a 60-day Market Test

Your journey with Competera:

  • 1 Data pocessing
  • 2 Market test definition
  • 3 Models training & simulation
  • 4 Market test launch
  • 5 Scale & Evolve

Try a 60-day Market Test:

Don’t take our word for granted!

Competera Сustomers

  • Foxtrot
  • Jumia
  • Deloitte
  • Ulmart
  • Rde
  • Staples
  • Mothercare

How our price optimization models worked out

“Pricing races are growing non-stop. Setting the optimal prices is the key instrument to manage retail profits efficiently. The main question is what a reasonable price range and adjustment to increase sales and keep the margin optimal are.”

Commercial Director, Foxtrot

Foxtrot, an omnichannel Eastern European consumer electronics retailer with $500 million in annual turnover, wanted to stop copying competitors’ pricing moves and maximize revenue without risking profit margins.

Competera helped Foxtrot to:
- Maximize revenue without losing profit margins
- Save time for negotiations with suppliers
- Switch from reactive to proactive pricing

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Machine Learning Solution Solves Real-world Retail Problems

Sell slow moving stocks

Optimize prices while taking into account the profit margin of your entire product portfolio


- Loyal customers are focused on high-margin products
- The profitability of your product portfolio remains unchanged

React to the rise of purchasing prices

Apply a differentiated approach to pricing. Run several repricing cycles with uneven price ranges to reach KPIs gradually


- Retain profitability for your entire product portfolio
- Maintain revenue

Boost sales of fast moving products

Do not change prices, or raise prices for part of your assortment to improve the price perception of chosen products


- Fast-moving products that consistently generate revenue

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