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What is Price Monitoring?

Competitive price monitoring is an essential part of creating a winning pricing strategy in competitor price comparison. By the way, competitor research is not really an easy task. Competitive price monitoring is efficient if the competitors, who directly influence your sales and price positioning are correctly defined.

The process of competitive price monitoring is not easy for human hands. Intelligent pricing requires accurate price monitoring, reliable data on competitor’s prices, stock availability and promotional activities.

So how does one provide competitive price monitoring in effective way?

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How to Choose Price Tracking Software?
Optimal Pricing Decisions

Competitive pricing intelligence is a complex package of competitor’s price monitoring tools transforming unprocessed information into a coherent and usable form to make optimal pricing decisions.

Optimal Pricing Decisions

Numerous price monitoring websites provide an information regarding competitive price monitoring and price tracking tools.

Competera price monitoring benefits
Price Monitoring Service

saving of 60 minutes per day

can gain you

20 hours per month

Otherwise, your price monitoring software can help make pricing intelligence useful on revenue side as well at the level of reducing the working time of your employees.

The latest Competera research shows that automated repricing changes the workflow of the Category Manager. Price monitoring software saves 1 full working hour per day, i. e. 20 hours per month, i. e. 30 whole working days for the Category Manager within a year!

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Beat the Competition with Price Tracking Software

Competitor price monitoring software empowers the Pricing Manager to track prices automatically, saving time and achieving KPIs.

Automated competitive price monitoring eliminates all the guesswork associated with pricing strategy, making pricing management transparent and effective.

Competera’s price monitoring service delivers competitive pricing data to save online retailers time on daily pricing intelligence with the help of pricing strategies automation forany complexity.

Competera Pricing Software

Competera is a SaaS based competitive price monitoring software. The process of integration is quick and easy. Usually it takes up to 14 days to connect the solution with your system.

All data on competitive price monitoring is collected for our customers’ use only. We don’t sell the results of the competitive pricing analysis to other clients. We crawl
data on competitor’s prices, assortment, and promotional activities individually for each customer. We use SSL
certificates and personal access keys for
storing and transferring your data.

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Competera offers such benefits as:
  • Smart scraping technology
    that doesn’t trigger a website

  • 24/7 technical support and
    client assistance

  • Email notifications
    and reports

  • Online fully automated
    competitor price tracking tool:

    Eliminates days of manual work
    and the possibility of human error

  • Relyable competitive data on rivals'
    prices, assortment, and promotional activities

    With flexible time configurations and custom settings for different product categories

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