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In a strategic move to redefine its position in the Ukrainian e-commerce landscape, MAUDAU, a forward-thinking digital retailer, has partnered with Competera, a leader in AI-powered pricing solutions, to optimize its price management practice. MAUDAU will integrate Competera’s advanced rules-based pricing automation solution, a key step on the company’s ambitious journey to rank among Ukraine's top five e-commerce platforms.

In its three years of operation, MAUDAU has quickly climbed the ranks of online retailers nationally, securing its position among Ukraine's top 30 e-commerce players. The company is focused on offering its customers an exceptional shopping experience while driving sustainable growth, balancing customer acquisition and margin optimization, which Competera’s solution is designed to achieve.

Artem Dombrovskyi, Chief Commercial Officer at MAUDAU, shared his perspective on the company’s decision to select Competera: “We were drawn to Competera for its intuitive interface and sophisticated logic. Their track record of innovation and continuous product evolution aligns with our company’s vision, making Competera an ideal long-term partner for our growth plans.”

The implementation of Competera’s pricing automation solution is expected to streamline MAUDAU’s pricing management process, markedly reducing repricing time and enabling a more dynamic response to rapidly changing market trends. The initial phase of the project will focus on deploying real-time, rules-based repricing for MAUDAU’s FMCG product category.

“Our collaboration with MAUDAU showcases the strength of intelligent pricing automation in elevating next-generation digital retailers,” said Alex Galkin, Founder and CEO of Competera. “Our goal is to empower MAUDAU and other innovative, up-and-coming retailers, with data-driven, customer-centric pricing strategies that foster growth and enhance their market presence.”

This partnership is a significant stage in MAUDAU’s evolution, closely aligning their technical capabilities with their strategic pricing and market objectives. Competera’s expertise will help MAUDAU to not only meet its growth targets but also to significantly enhance the digital shopping experience for its customers.

Following the success of the initial product deployment, MAUDAU plans to explore Competera’s demand-based pricing functionality in the next year, underscoring MAUDAU’s dedication to strategic, long-term advancement in the e-commerce domain.

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