Jeff Rudat, an experienced retail leader with a profound record of helping retail companies achieve revenue goals through merchandise planning and analytics, joins Competera. The partnership aims to strengthen Competera's representation in the US market and amplify the tech arsenal of local retailers. Jeff's 30-year long path in retail started with a training program at a US retailer's organization where he enjoyed the "numbers & analytics" part of retail from the very beginning. Today he is an enthusiastic advocate for the application of the power of advanced technologies that include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to bridge companies’ unique business needs with the right retail software.

"The great thing about retail is that no two days are the same. The business and customers are always changing. So what we really have to do to be successful is to understand the customers' needs and all the nuances of the business."

Sharing more about the value of advanced technology in retail, Jeff Rudat adds: "I am very excited about the advent of ML and AI and how they can be such a powerful tool for retailers to better understand the customers and the business in ways they can't do on their own through Excel spreadsheets. What I like about Competera is that it empowers the people who work in retail to make better decisions. It automates and fills in a lot of the data that people would normally analyze on their own. Competera has so many unique business variables that you can program and input into it to have a holistic view of the business. It also gives retailers a much better understanding and a much better starting point to look at the business, to make decisions, and to shift their time from compiling and analyzing the data to making quality what-if analysis and taking action."

Alexandr Galkin, CEO and co-founder of Competera, comments on the new partnership: "Jeff is a top-class professional who has gone throughout every retail dimension from brick-and-mortar stores at Lord & Taylor to e-commerce and omnichannel at Bloomingdales. We are ultimately happy to have such a seasoned expert joining our board, known for the brightest minds in retail and innovation. Having well-developed relations with retail business owners and years of experience translating the concept of business and technology into one unified language, I expect Jeff will support us in manifesting the vital role of price optimization in today's retail environment. In addition, despite retailers' fears about technology taking their jobs, Jeff has a clear vision of how it can make their life and career better and can outline the roadmap of an organization's journey to successful solution implementation.”

About Jeff Rudat

Casually describing himself as Rosetta Stone, Jeff puts all of his skill and effort into really understanding the needs of a business and the opportunities of the technology that could cover them and being a ‘translator’ who empowers cross-functional teams, bridging the business need and the analytics solution.

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