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Actionable insights, full market visibility, and the latest competitor trends. Consider your tactical and strategic moves for category growth using Competera’s analytics software.

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Competera includes a range of modules to capture all relevant info across the marketplace. Whether you a category manager, data analyst or c-level manager, use them to get to know your market 360°
Market Trends
Competitive Insights
Price Tracking
Promotion Advising
Price Management
Price Intelligence and Tracking
Power up your team with a potent price scraping tool. Monitor competitor prices and get actionable alerts to rapidly respond to any competitor’s actions as well as prepare for more effective supplier negotiations.

Promotion Advising

No more promo-wars. Analyzing promotional campaigns of competitors and the promo status of products is a useful way to determine what new promotional offers you can introduce to your own assortment.
Price Management
Drive your pricing decisions relying on advanced analytics, customizable reports, and on-demand market data. With our software, you can quickly reprice products, fine-tune pricing strategies and control assortment intersection with your competitors.

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Understanding the business rules being used by your competitors is a step towards optimal pricing strategy and the goal-driven approach.

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