Price Tracking Software for Retail Enterprises

Price Tracking Software for Retail Companies

Businesses need to respond quickly and efficiently in regards to product pricing now more than ever before.

The retail market has become faster and competitive

The retail market has become faster, more competitive, and more complex than ever before. With retail giants like Amazon changing their prices multiple times per day, companies must maintain a pricing strategy that is equally rapid without compromising their effectiveness.

Traditional pricing software struggles to keep up with the speed and flexibility required from modern retail markets, leading to inconsistent pricing and profit loss.

How can businesses track and compare their prices in a comprehensive, consistent manner that keeps up with their competitors?

How can companies ensure customers agree with their prices in such a dynamic market?

Competitor Price Monitoring with Competera

Businesses using Competera for their price monitoring have reported data delivery rates up to three times faster than conventional price monitoring methods.

Competera’s all-encompassing price tracking software allows companies to compare product prices with speed and ease.

Using high-quality customizable data, our pricing software helps retailers remain competitive in dynamic markets by giving them a clear, detailed competitive data analysis to ensure efficient price monitoring.

Forget spreadsheets and time-consuming in-house price monitoring; with Competera, companies can expect pricing data with an accuracy rate of up to 98%.

Why Companies Choose Competera’s Retail Pricing Software?

Competera uses hand-selected product data matches in conjunction with automation to ensure high-quality data for companies. In addition, competitive data reports are always created using up-to-date information consistent with dynamic retail markets. Other price tracking software boasts data accuracy rates of up to 90% — at Competera, a 90% accuracy rate is an absolute minimum quality standard. Companies using Competera’s price monitoring software can expect data accuracy rates as high as 98%.
Every company is unique in their pricing strategy — that’s why Competera’s price tracking software allows for the customization of data fields and how data is reported for each and every client according to their needs. Whether your business needs specific product information at specific times of the day, or comparisons of several products from multiple competitors, Competera’s pricing software has you covered.
Companies using Competera’s price monitoring software are never left in the dark in regards to their competitor pricing data. All reports are categorized on a very navigable platform and are easy to read. Swift identification and documentation of price divergences guarantee the quality of every report viewed on the price monitoring platform.
At Competera, customer satisfaction is a top priority. Every company using Competera’s competitor price tracking software has a dedicated quality assurance team committed to providing clients with the best service possible. Businesses can expect quick response rates from well-informed professionals regarding any questions concerning data matches, analyses, or any other aspect of the platform.

Competera’s competitor price monitoring software helps retailers excel in fast-paced markets

Competera’s online price monitoring software proves vital for companies seeking to thrive in modern markets by keeping retailers in-the-loop regarding product pricing information and giving companies more insight into how their prices compare to the rest of the market.