Competitive Data Monitoring, Price Management, and Price Optimization for Retail with Competera Pricing Platform

Competera’s SaaS based Competitive Pricing Platform turns the daily pricing routine into an organized and manageable business process.

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Focus on developing and analyzing pricing strategies. Avoid data collection, processing and spreadsheet overwhelming.

Competera scrapes key competitive assortment data and presents it in a user-friendly interface for quick and effective pricing decisions.
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Constant competitive
Set up your schedule to proceed to competitive prices, promotions and stock availability data on hand, whenever you need it.
Price recommendations
Eliminate abnormal price deviations immediately,by relying on smart Competera recommendations, based on up-to-date data directly in the UI or your email inbox.
In-depth analysis
Analyze markets with the help of historical data reports on your performance against the competition within a category, specific competitors, right down to the product level. Measure your category and pricing manager’s performance based on Competera’s historical data.
Agile pricing

Be agile: Create, apply and change your pricing approach on-the-fly with advanced pricing tool and framework provided by Competera.

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Qualitative data makes Competera price intelligence an efficient business tool.

Automatic and manual
data quality double check
Manual checking of URL to URL product matches and a dedicated competitive data crawler support team allows for a 98% data accuracy. The custom competitive data crawling algorithm imitates human behaviour and not overloading a website.
Data delivery
Instant API data availability allows for immediate price changes, promotions and assortments in ERP or Google BigQuery. Also, access user-friendly competitive data layouts in Competera UI with the possibility to export preconfigured data sets in .xls or .csv for any business purpose.
Sla guaranteed data quality
We provide transparent and detailed reporting on the way the system works and guarantee data quality by SLA.

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Intelligent pricing Competera reports and tools make your pricing agile.

Price index
The Price Index detects which of the competitors, and how intensively, affects your sales during a certain period of time and shows you all influencers in a beautifully designed chart.
Pricing rules
Fine-tune your pricing with Competera pricing rules and recommendations that combine data about your costs, margins, stock merchandise, and MAP violations with competitive information.
Historical data
The history of competitive price changes gives you an overview on competitive pricing strategy and helps you create outperforming pricing algorithms.
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