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Minimum Advertised Price

Price compliance and MAP monitoring with automated notifications and market alerts
are the key features to protecting your brand positioning.

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MAP policy monitoring

How Do You Control Retail Price Compliance
with Your Brand’s Pricing Policies?

A list of new retailers grows year by year.
Statistics are emotionless, however for vendor’s managers, it means that control of minimum advertised price compliance becomes more complicated.

Hereafter, we collected a bundle of questions vendors have been asking themselves. Of course, our Pricing Experts also answered them.

MAP policy monitoring
When Did Resellers Check a List of My Suggested Prices Last?
Competera Pricing Expert

You know it doesn’t matter when they checked it last. The central question is “Do they violate the recommended retail prices or not.”

There are three primary ways you can get an answer to this crucial question:
  1. Ask a retailer.
  2. Hire a manager who will control MAP violations.
  3. Apply MAP-monitoring and price compliance solution.
You'll know how wrong the first two of the mentioned paths are. Human error is not the best partner you can rely on, in a data quality sector.
In the meantime, it’s possible to make your retail partners be more transparent for your business, and get full-length information about providing minimum resale price policies with the help of a MAP monitoring service. It’s especially useful when the MAP price monitoring is done automatically, and a supplier gets an alert notification on every single MAP violation.
minimum advertised price monitoring
map pricing compliance
How Can I Persuade Retailers to Stop Price Violations?
Competera Pricing Expert
What is MAP pricing? Minimum advertised price is an agreement between the vendor and a retailer about the protected suggested retail price on particular products, which cannot be advertised at a lower than determined price.
The main requirement for software dedicated to protecting brand image is immediate visibility of price violations with MAP monitoring tools.
Retailers are rarely mindful that price violation inflicts harm on the customers’ brand perception. That’s why a habit of frequent promotions and stocks, tempts sharing discounts too strongly. The suggested retail price makes retailers appreciably limited in the pricing of your brand products and protects your brand image.
minimum advertised price compliance
Best map monitoring software
Receive timely information about actual retail prices
and react quickly to MAP violations to keep control of your brand pricing.
How Do I Choose a MAP Compliance Software to Automatically Monitor and Identify MAP Violations?
Competera Pricing Expert
A MAP policy monitoring solution is an online tool which helps identify the suggested selling price violators, report them, and quickly fix such retail pricing policy violations.
Best MAP monitoring software is an efficient tool to prevent heavy discounting, protect vendor margins, and quickly identify violations. Everyday access to the main information about the price policy of online stores and reports of MAP monitoring helps to control the brand’s market position.
Such solution helps suppliers tremendously build up their brand authority and avoid similar problems with new resellers, all with no human factors involved.
retailer price compliance
MAP Compliance Software

MAP monitoring software

Control Minimum Advertised Prices With Competera Pricing Platform and Get the Following Benefits:

Email notifications
Email notifications

and reports on any desirable deviations or market changes

24/7 technical support
24/7 technical support

and client assistance

Smart scraping/crawling
Smart scraping and crawling

technology doesn’t create any overload of retailers’ websites

Information updates as frequently as you want
Information updates as frequently as you want,

with flexible configurations that provide an individual monitoring time-settings for different product categories

Automated MAP price monitoring software
Automated MAP price monitoring software

eliminates days of manual work and possible human error

Identify all resellers with MAP violations
Identify all resellers with MAP violations

How to protect Your Brand Image With The Suggested Retail Price?

Considering that map monitoring is more a prevention tool against violations, the vendors can use a MAP price monitoring solution to get all the brand benefits and protect themselves from competitors.

Signing of a minimum advertised price agreement, which contains the agreed upon list of the minimum advertised price program and the rules for efficient sales due to MAP pricing compliance, is a common market practice.

map compliance software

Alongside MAP monitoring, with the help of a minimum advertised price monitoring tool, it allows suppliers to keep, develop and protect its brand positioning in the market and customers’ perception.

The Competera Pricing Platform gives you access to an experienced MAP monitoring software which will gladly help you expand your brand image globally.

map violations
Monitor and protect your brand image

MAP monitoring and daily product benchmark analysis is a complicated and incredibly tiring task that becomes efficient and manageable with the Competera Platform.

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