Email alerts Competera product update

E-mail Alerts

Dec, 6 2017 Software Update

This Competera update gives users the ability to automatically generate email notifications.

No more generalized statistical digests.

If something important for the Competera users occurs on the market, e. g. problems, anomalies, or opportunities, they will be notified and be able to react immediately to the changes.

Update Details

To provide a better user experience, we placed email notifications in a separate tab in the Competera dashboard. Creating a notification is like composing an email, though there is an expanded selection of additional options.

Notification Types

There are four notification types:


Sending a schedule is convenient because of flexible settings. Once a week, on working days or several times per day: each notification can be configured.


The number of recipients is unlimited. You can select recipients from existing users of the Competera dashboard or add new contacts directly when creating a new notification.


For each type of notification (except for the digest), you can configure flexible sending conditions. For example, send a report only if it contains deviations of more than five products in a single category, etc.

Additional Benefits of the Current Competera Update

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