In November 2020, Competera and Bynecon Consulting agreed to launch a strategic partnership that would both strengthen the position of Competera in Turkey and Miditerenian region as well as reaffirm the image of Bynecon as a leading consulting company with decades of industry experience behind. The partnership will focus on developing the retail sector by helping local players to invest in cost-effective tech solutions to increase profit and turnover rate. 

Bynecon Consulting is a leading consulting firm in Turkey offering solutions and services to help businesses reinforce market positions and grow sustainably. The company’s mission implies offering technological solutions that can increase the profitability and efficiency of the business. Besides pricing, the company provides consulting services in personnel training, sales and marketing, digital marketing, organizational structure, and business process design.  

It’s not always easy to convince retailers that AI-driven tech solutions are worth their trust. And in this way, the cooperation with consultancy companies that are already trusted by the market is inevitable. I believe that the decades of experience and profound knowledge of the market will significantly improve Competera’s representation in Turkey. It seems to me that this is also the right moment to launch a partnership because Turkish retail market is very dynamic and fast-growing so local players are already facing the need to invest in smart technology,” comments Alexandr Galkin, CEO at Competera.

"Today's business environment is changing rapidly and becomes more competitive. That’s why preserving customer loyalty gets more costly and difficult for retailers. And pricing remains a crucial area that concerns both the turnover and profit of companies. Old fashioned pricing methods are gradually being replaced by various software solutions. Merging human expertise with technology brings together the speed and ability to process accurately as many variables as possible. 

And, at this point, the Competera Platform offers retailers the opportunity to carry their pricing journey to an upper level by enriching their flexibility and gaining a strategic competitive advantage. Competera broke new ground in the industry being undoubtedly one of the best companies offering pricing solutions. We fully believe that our partnership with Competra will be a crucial guide for retailers in our country. By combining our experience in consulting with Competera's technology, retailers will be able to allocate their resources more productively and avoid profit leakages," say Eken Erte and Bariş Yalgin, Founders of Bynecon Consulting.  


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