Competera Pricing & Packaging Journey

Optimal prices with the optimal strategies. For every product and category. Across all channels.
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Competitive Data

High-quality, timely product matches and data scraping covering any region, currency, or language in a single dashboard.

  • Get data you need on time with low-effort integration
  • Best product match and data delivery rate on the market
  • Scalable infrastructure to fit actual monitoring needs

Pricing Automation

Coherent, fast and flexible pricing with defined workflows and a transparent cause & effect analysis of every price change.

  • Tailored logic to harmonize pricing across all products and channels
  • Reduce pricing efforts by at least 50% and eliminate human errors
  • Set prices faster depending on external or internal triggers

Price Optimization

Elasticity-based price setting driven by demand patterns, products cross-impact and more than 20 pricing and non-pricing factors

  • Manage categories of products to hit business goals via portfolio pricing
  • Generate extra margin from the long-tail assortment
  • Run different pricing strategies to predict the impact of your decisions

Competera Pricing Platform

A unified workplace with an easy-to-use interface

  • Customizable scraping of any website with SLA guarantees
  • Automated and manual matches for any product groups, industries
  • Assortment analysis via extracting full catalogs in a structured way
  • Various integration & data export options
  • Self-service pricing configuration with preset and customizable rules
  • Real-time and batched repricing initiated by changes of any factors
  • SKU-level price interpretation, forecast projection
  • Exported price recommendations in any format for easier integration
  • Price recommendations based on demand elasticity
  • Cross-elasticities between products
  • Hit two targets at the same time (one to grow and one to protect)
  • Accurate short-term forecasts

Competera pricing fits your business

With Competera you gain more than just software. Competera pricing platform delivers a combination of proven pricing theories and best econometric practices bundled into the end-to-end solutions: pricing analytics, automation engine, price optimization strategies, platform integrations, algorithms library, category and portfolio management system, custom pricing design, and professional services.

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10K transactions monthly

Begin your Competera Pricing Journey

We base our pricing and packaging philosophy on the value elaborated from the Competera Pricing Journey, tailored and adapted to meet the most critical challenges of your business. The final price is individual and depends on the number of SKU managed with our platform, the scale of deployment, and implemented pricing services.



Ad hoc repricing

Human-driven decision


Competitor-centric pricing triggered by any changes

Regular repricing

Constant manual check

Data dependence


Based on rules and business constraints

Automated real-time repricing


Market-share focused


Mix of rules & demand-based pricing

Goal-oriented repricing

Manager as a strategist

Portfolio coverage


Shopper-centric pricing

Individual offers based on LTV

Balance between customer demand and business goals

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