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One platform to craft optimal value offering for retail customers, optimize pricing strategies, and make category managers 4 times as efficient.

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Never Lose Profit Again

The modern customer seeks the most personalized experience where prices are still the dominating factor when choosing products

At the same time, hundreds of retailers lose billions of dollars in profits focusing on SKU pricing instead of the whole portfolio level

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Competera navigates retailers to optimal prices

We help to set prices at which the business gets the projected financial results as well as the growth of customer loyalty. In other words, we move retailers from reactive to proactive pricing strategies for every product

  • Goal-driven

    Goal-driven scenarios based on ML/AI models and automated pricing for the whole retailer’s portfolio

  • Proactive

    SKU & description-based approach with pricing rules and recommendations

  • Market-driven

    Using of market & product intelligence, sophisticated product matching and competitive analysis

  • Traditional

    Using of inaccurate and fragmented data with manual checks and human-centric decisions


What makes Competera different

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Software Trusted by Customers Across the Globe

Each of Competera's clients receives an average of 7-15% revenue uplift

Why industry leaders choose Competera?

Competera is a perfect means of goal management as it helps us to track the performance on our strategic targets and identify areas for further growth.

Kevin Lebron
Kevin Lebron, merchandising Manager
FSA store, USA

For a few months Competera helped us reduce manual work and save plenty of time. We look forward to enhancing our position with Competera via advanced price optimization and proactive pricing.

Robert Smigner
Robert Smigner, E-commerce Merchandiser
Vision Direct, United Kingdom

We have adopted Competera pricing engine which calculated demand elasticity while factoring in product cannibalization and seasonality and increased revenue by 1% over the period of three months.

Tatiana Tepliashyna
Tatiana Tepliashyna, Product Owner and Business Analyst
Staples, Netherlands

The things I enjoy most about the Competera platform are the proactive pricing system and effective sales planning.

Karel Mommers
Karel Mommers, Pricing and Analytics Manager
Max Guitars, USA

We've already made a huge step in securing our market strategy and handling negotiations with vendors. Now we strongly look into the future when shifting to ML-based price optimization.

Rick Conley
Rick Conley, Head Buyer and Director of Vendor Relations
Maxtool, USA

Discover a scalable pricing software to stay effective in any pricing decision

  • Hybrid Pricing Campaigns

    Maximize your revenue and profits by using a combination of rule-based and demand-based pricing subject to the business rules and constraints for your full portfolio.

  • Barbell Merchandising

    The management of the whole product range allows you to craft well-balanced strategy for revenue and profit margin to achieve the most effective scalable results.

  • Insights Identification

    Drive the best sales impact with the right business decisions. Identify situations when you start losing money and get recommendations with a "show me why" explanation.

Learn more about our platform

Retailers use advanced software to optimize a wide range of pricing-related operations in mix management, marketing, supply chain, and pricing itself. In today's retail, pricing software is used on a daily basis as an indispensable means of operational and strategic development. Advanced pricing solutions may contribute to revenue boost up to 15% and a profit margin increase by 5%. Besides the direct economic benefits generated by pricing software, the latter is also an effective means of goal management and resource planning.

The history of pricing software traces back to the mid-1990s when the first prototypes of modern solutions were released. The first wave solutions were capable of processing historical data being at the same time particularly rough in procession, integration, and daily use. Then, the second wave solutions appeared at the beginning of the 2000s. With a poor time-to-value and plenty of difficulties in onboarding, these prototypes have never become commonly used in retail. Finally, the third year solutions were released in the 2010s making an optimal value offering possible.

In a highly competitive environment, the price remains a core capability used by retailers to gain an upper hand in the market. In addition to that, the price is also the most important element sought by customers eager to receive a personalized and unique shopping experience. These facts give good reasons to state that pricing software will continue to remain a crucial factor defining the retail development in the next decades as well as each player's capability to offer optimal value to customers.