Optimize Your Inventory Pricing

With Competera Retail Intelligence Platform

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Competera SaaS Platform provides retailers with up-to-date market insights and helps outperform key competitors

Join our clients and use the best price and inventory optimization:

You can’t avoid the facts:
quality competitor pricing data is a must-have for eCommerce

Get up-to-the-minute quality data about the pricing of your online retail competitors and stay ahead of the market.

If you’re not monitoring competitive promotions, you’ll never know why shoppers are passing by your virtual shelves

Analyse all your competitors’ promotions to act appropriately.

Make your prices right for your customers with sophisticated pricing software

Optimize your inventory prices by brands, categories, SKUs, stores or different analysis models, and apply fullstack assortment analysis.

Build your pricing strategy.
You’re the one who sets and changes the rules.

A profitable competitive pricing strategy is the key point in making your online retail business outstanding.

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Retailers That Use the Competera Platform
Get Additional Benefits:

Time and workload optimization

Competera will always keep manager updated about the latest competitors' changes, and this will only take 10-15 minutes per day to determine store advantages and position on the market with no additional cost.

Check the case study on how category manager has saved 20 hours per month with Competera.

Pricing that boosts KPIs

Competera shows Pricing and Category Managers, Analysts and Marketers all prices that are too low or too high against the market.

It suggests how to increase prices without reducing sales and helps you boost sales and turn your price-sensitive audience into loyal customers.

Detailed competitive reports

Up-to-date convenient information you can rely upon is presented with detailed, customizable and easy-to-read reports.

You'll see all the market dynamics and build your pricing strategy based on quality competitive research data.

Super-charged retail marketing

You will be the first person discovering new marketing ideas created and tested by other market players.

As a result, you'll be able to create a more attractive offer for your audience and launch it at the right time, e.g. when your competitor runs out-of-stock.

Boost Your Pricing To The Next Level

With Competera Retail Intelligence Platform

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