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Is a tracker that helps an e-tailer to increase its profits.

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No matter whether you’re a big retailer or a small internet shop, you need a tool, service or solution that will crawl competitors’ websites and deliver data containing their prices, inventory and promotions. The competitive information gained with our price crawler & tracker software helps a retailer adjust its pricing strategy, manage its marketing budget, and boost category managers’ efficiency.

Below you will find advice on how to choose the right price tracking software to monitor your competitors and support your business objectives.

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Real competitors are not always the rivals that you think of first, but those companies that through their price changes, sales promotions, offerings, and other activities affect your key business performance indicators e.g. revenue margins or market share.

Our competitor price monitoring software can help your business define which business or competitor influences your business.

By knowing your real competitors and your market intelligence, you can track their prices and anticipate their impact on your sales and revenue.

The following five essential capabilities will help you determine the right price tracker software for your business:

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  • Price sources
    monitoring and crawling

    The majority of retailers find themselves having to react and re-adjust their prices according to the pricing strategy, competitor sites and the marketplaces. Hence it’s essential that crawlers collect data from all these price sources, rather than from only one marketplace such as Amazon or Google Shopping.

  • Competitor price
    tracking schedule

    Failing to stay abreast of the competitors price changes, means that the collected data becomes unreliable. As such it is a good practice to reprice your products at certain times of the day, soon after your competitors have just amended their prices.
    The capability to frequently track price changes at any time, is one of our unique pricing software features.

  • Avoid Errors

    You also need a self-checking price tracker software that can detect errors, send alerts if something goes wrong, and provide reliable competitors’ data in the meantime. This is the only way to outperform the competitors and maintain competitive advantage.

  • Product Price
    History Reporting

    The retailer needs to see its competitors’ pricing history in order to build a pricing strategy, as well as to apply predictive pricing techniques. It would make sense to choose a competitor monitoring software that incorporates history reporting.

  • SLA is essential

    A competitor price monitoring solution provider with SLA (Service Level Agreement) is more reliable, and understands your retail business continuity, rather than a provider without SLA.

If you need the right website price tracker,
or a price track solution with all, or almost all the benefits mentioned above, you can check out Competera. It’s easy to use, simple, and yet powerful. The best part about Competera is that it works the way you need it to.

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