Competitor Price Monitoring

Collect, analyze and use competitor prices with Competera Pricing Platform.

Qualitative data is a foundation for proper pricing strategy creation, customer attraction,
and increasing gross margins.

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Set the correct schedule

Large retailers in competitive industries change their inventory prices several times a day. Therefore, you need to track these changes for each individual competitor, brand, and product group right after your competitors have repriced their goods.

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I want to emphasize how pleasantly surprised we were with the very qualified and quick-responding support team. A great product and great team!

Bogdan Nesterenko Product manager, RDE.LT

Automate monitoring and pricing

With thousands of online store product names (SKUs), it’s almost impossible to manually apply the price tracking and price changing. Especially if you are to apply complex pricing algorithms and rules.

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Choose the most significant competitors

Do you want to know exactly which competitors are influencing the sales of your online store? Use the Price Index, it will show whose changes affect your business.

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We integrated Competera solutions and began to receive our competitors’ insights. We achieved our business goals: The customers’ perception of our price was changed as we wanted.

Yudha Pangestu Senior Pricing Manager, Matahari Mall

Avoid loss-making mistakes

People make mistakes. Correctly created algorithms based on qualitative data are never mistaken. Reprice the products on your shelves with competitor price monitoring data and automated self-pricing algorithms to avoid the human error.

Competera helps to avoid mistakes

Save time for pricing

You can always find more efficient tasks to do than change numbers within Excel spreadsheets. Spend an irreplaceable resource — time — more efficiently than ever.

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Now we're able to monitor our prices, and improve the profit per product thanks to the up-to-date information that the Competera platform has to offer.

Sinziana Visan Merchandiser, Find Me A Gift

The Competera Self-Pricing Platform allows you to implement all the above:

Tracking of competitors' prices
Tracking of competitors' prices,

promotions and stocks saves days of manual work and reduces human error

Flexible scanning schedule
Flexible scanning schedule

with standalone adjustments for different categories, brands, and products

Smart data
Smart data scanning technology

that does not overload websites

Technical support
Technical support

and customer support 24/7

Notification of anomalies
Notification of anomalies

and e-mail reporting

Looking for high-quality competitive data?

Developing and implementing of a proper pricing strategy is easier
and more efficient with Competera