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Market Track for Brands

Track all your competitors on the market to ensure their pricing strategies don’t affect your brand sales. To conduct such research, a manufacturer needs to deal with a retailer’s data of any kind: reseller’s website, counterfeit market, look-alike products prices, etc.

Track Counterfeit Market Products
Counterfeit sales are difficult to tally. Fake products can hide in different distribution channels: marketplaces, comparison engines, big and small resellers’ website.

The manufacturer needs to collect data from a wide range of possible channels, to make sure its brand is secured.
Track Look-alike Products
Copycat products may look like your brand’s and confuse customers. To avoid shoppers’ distractions you need a market tracking software to find such products, their prices, promotions, and markdowns.

Track. Analyze. Act. Outperform Competition.
Collect Data Across Different Digital Shelves
Which of your competitors, with similar products, are actually affecting your brand positioning and sales? If you can collect data from across different competitors, you’re definitely able to use it for Price Index calculation.

Price Index displays your brand position against the market in general, as well as particular competitors or certain categories of products.
Improve Your Brand Protection
All the aforementioned activities are dedicated to protecting your brand from any violations, yet to also ensure they all work smoothly.

Advanced market tracking and analytical software, with flexible and powerful filtration, will help you achieve this goal. In the meantime, some triggered alerts on violations and price changes can be helpful for brands, not only to track but quickly react to market changes.
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