MAP Monitoring

MAP monitoring is an essential process every brand needs to handle.
Learn how Competera Brand Intelligence helps manufacturers protect their brands
and grow business performance.

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On-the-fly Analytics for Your Brand

As a manufacturer, you need to monitor prices across marketplaces and direct retailers’ websites, and to do it as soon as possible to avoid a snowballing effect of violations across other resellers. Competera Brand Intelligence has all tools a brand needs to protect its MAP policy and analyze its performance.

Quick Product Overview
Enhanced MAP, MSRP, and IMAP monitoring tools with impactful changes and events alerting, push-to-action dashboard with the ability to contact a reseller immediately, and advanced analytical reports: one-stop-software solution by Competera covers all this area.
MAP Violations Monitoring
Get clear answers on the questions of “who”, “when” and “how” violate your brand minimum advertised price policy. Get detailed reports on the product, category or retailer’s level with advanced MAP monitoring software.
Unauthorized Resellers MAP Compliance
Usually manufacturers are aware of their authorized resellers. Now Competera shows them the shadow side of the market by identifying unauthorized ones so brands can send desist letters and create an ideal MAP enforcement system.
Detect the First Violator
There are many ways a brand can avoid MAP violations. In the meantime, the most powerful way is to detect the first violator and force them to stop. The rest of the market will follow a retail winner and stay in the green zone.
MAP Enforcement
How many hours do you spend weekly to communicate top-violators on your list? Ditch the time-wasting routine with customized alerting. Cease and desist letters are a piece of cake:
  1. set the message
  2. define alerting rules
  3. get back to the real work: we’ll take care of the rest!
Additional Benefits: Benchmarking, Look-alike Products, Advanced Analytics, etc.
MAP Monitoring it’s a required feature a brand needs to use daily. Yet, there are many other tasks to complete. We cover them all:
  • Product Benchmarking
  • Price analysis of look-alike products
  • Price Index analysis
  • Advanced multilevel analytics
  • And much more
Competera Brand Intelligence is a best in the class solution for MAP Monitoring. Try it out. Request your trial now!