Price intelligence integration for Magento

Integrate Magento + Competera
for always right prices on the right products with no errors and efforts

Integrating Magento and Competera helps to increase online sales through smart pricing and efficient inventory management

Competera is a self-pricing & merchandising engine for online retailers

How it works?
Competera Magento Storefront Product List Processed Data Right prices on the Right Products
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To make a dramatic shift in how pricing happens we developed the Competera Pricing Platform, configured by 3 powerful products:

Full Stack Coverage
  • Pricing data from any brand
  • Pricing within major international markets
  • Historic and current pricing, promotion, stock data, tracked weekly, daily, and hourly
  • Currency adjustments to USD or local currency views for local inflation analysis
  • Easy comparisons between brands, countries, categories, or individual items
Built Errorless
  • 360 degree view on crawling errors SLA - 98%
  • Maths & BigData power inside
  • Ongoing usage stats and metrics quality check
  • Self-learning algorithms for data collection
Built Flexible
  • API
  • Shopping Carts integration
  • Access through your own platform
  • Insightful dashboard & Custom reports development
  • Advanced options and settings
  • High frequency and custom schedule

Our Partners

We focus on quick and easy integration with as-soon-as-possible deliverables

Eltrino serves B2B & B2C stores on Magento, integrate OroCRM, develop useful extensions for Magento and OroCRM.
  • Atwix, we specialize in e-commerce and open source software.
  • We take quality of our solutions very seriously and strive to provide exceptional customer service to our clients on every level of the project lifecycle.
  • Atwix is proud to be Magento and OroCRM Solution partner.
  • OpsWay is 24x7 software factory with a wide range of IT services for e-commerce, software companies and startups.
  • Our 24/7 Magento 2 Support servicemeans that we never sleep. Seriously.
  • Technical issues may strike at any time, and we’re prepared to fix any problem around the clock.
  • OpsWay goal is convenience and peace of mind for our customers.
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