Pricing Strategies that Will Effectively Improve Sales

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With Competera, you get:

  • Get a clear view on what your market is up to.
  • More precise prices result in better profits.
  • Implement a pricing strategy that's based on reliable and up-to-the-minute information.

Comprehensive E-commerce Pricing Strategies That Actually Help You Earn More

  • Monitor, Compare & Outsell
  • Personal Success Strategy
  • Well-timed Pricing Information
  • Easy-to-use tool with advanced analytical engine
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Why Competera

100% Quality Data Right In Time

100% Quality Data
Right In Time

For those who don't know, online shop price monitoring is an extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Here at Competera headquarters, we created a special technology of price crawling that's constantly improved and already provides quality data crawling for more than 100 clients. It is easy-scalable and can be quickly configured to fit your business.

Mind-Blowing Product Comparison Technology

Mind-Blowing Product Comparison Technology

Competera crafted a unique algorithm for comparing products. The process is fully automated with a team of professionals dedicated to provide manual support for matching products. You get the highest quality output data & product comparison. Our matching technology is being constantly improved making it smarter and more powerful on daily basis.

User-Friendly With Flexible Integration

With Flexible Integration

The system is incredibly easy-to-use. All features are simple and straight-forward allowing you to make customisable reports on your own. There's no need to request any personal coaching to learn the basics. If you need ERP integration or API for any BI tool that is used in your business – Competera can be easily integrated for your best convenience.

Who Can Benefit from Competera?

Category managers

Category managers

Quickly monitor and respond to the optimal pricing strategy deviations.

Marketing specialists

Marketing specialists

Strategically monitor the market fluctuations and competitor prices to implement the best business changes.

Top managers

Top managers

Exceeding quality control for teamwork with a dose of strategic market analysis.

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