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Competitive price intelligence

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Why Competera

price tracking tool?

  • Deep online retail expertise and competitive landscapes in more than 15 industries
  • Full-fledged support for the commerce companies to the integration and activation in the business process
  • Personal Customer Success Manager will lead you through all price optimization stages to the best practices of dynamic pricing
Competitive Pricing Intelligence
  • Actual and reliable 98% quality data on competitive prices to beat your rivals
  • Price monitoring and recommendations with custom alerts generating
  • SLA guaranteed online retail data quality and pricing specialist support
Ready to make some pricing optimization magic?

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Competitive pricing software

saves the time of pricing managers and marketers

bringing an order into a complex process of repricing in the online store, and maximizes our clients’ profits reducing their risks.

See how easy you can filter all your stocks by price alerts and competitors within Competera Products Report.
Market Competitive Landscape Monitoring

Set up your schedule to have competitive prices, promotion, and assortment availability data on hand whenever you need it.

Pricing Suggestions

Set up your rules under pricing and business strategy, stay alert to price deviations and change prices according to recommendations directly in dashboard to increase profit and margin.

Quality Control

Additional manual product matches to validate the results generated by the price tracking software.

Customer Success & Support

Convenient access via REST API or data streaming real time. Two-level tech support to ensure smooth user experience.

Some of our Case Studies on Pricing Intelligence


One of the biggest online and offline retailers in Ukraine analyzed the price elasticity of demand for their customer acquisition channels and discovered new ways to increase their margins without losing conversions.


The wide range of products and strong price competition in the home appliances and consumer electronics market requires innovative pricing strategies and tactics.

To find new ways to increase margins, Comfy looked more closely into their conversion rates during price spikes and analyzed price elasticity of demand for their customer acquisition channels, product categories, and product brands.

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improved return on customer acquisition cost and increased margins for certain product groups without losing conversions due to Competera Price Intelligence.


Having spent considerable resources on online advertising, Ulmart set to improve their return on customer acquisition cost.

A fully fledged online merchandising system had to be developed, one that would take into account competitors’ prices and their effect on Ulmart’s conversion rates. This is where Enhanced Ecommerce and Price Intelligence solutions came into play.

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