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Business Intelligence Analysts make the data speak.
They help to understand where the company stands in the industry, what are the next moves for the business and the market trends.
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According to Promodo research, online retail has remarkably grown in 2017.
The online stores, whose performance greatly improved and efficiency increased, were definitely using business intelligence analysis.

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Resources for a BI Analyst to be Efficient

Conduct large scale data analysis to increase company profits and efficiency!

To make competitive intelligence less time-consuming, to diminish the factor of human mistakes, it’s worth using competitive intelligence software. It provides analysts with high-quality data and processes automation enabling category and pricing managers to implement effective decisions within your pricing strategy!

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Those are the parameters of data quality we determined in our data quality survey
and the requirements that data analysis tools should meet:

Depth of comparisons

Software should take into account all parameters, such as color or technical characteristics, even those not available on the main product card

Percentage of errors

The tool has to compare prices quickly and accurately, though it can be mixed with thoughtful manual comparison

Percentage of prices found

The competitive intelligence tool should be able to find as many prices on the competitors’ websites as possible in order to represent the full data

Freshness of data

The software should collect data no later than two hours before the repricing

Data delivery time

The data should be delivered to the internal system of a retailer in 20-30 minutes to make the price analysis more effective

Integrated interface for everything

All competitive and internal data should be united in a single interface to make the BI analyst work more efficiently:

  • Deliver all high-quality competitive data
  • Segment data by products, categories, brands, industries, or competitors
  • Perform comparisons and find the opportunities to improve
  • Provide solutions on how to position your goods versus the competitive ones
  • Deliver visually clear reports
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