Data Crawling of Competitors

Competitive Data Crawling

In order to price items correctly, it’s imperative to use thorough and accurate information regarding rivals. This information is usually collected by crawlers, special programs designed to scrape data from competitors’ websites. Let’s consider first what should be called a qualitative data and then — what tasks do crawlers perform to deliver it.
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Competitive data crawling

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Why accurate qualitative data is important

Data can’t be wrong if you want to correctly analyze a rival so that you can figure out how consumers perceive the value of an item. With accurate qualitative data, the best strategy can be created. Afterward, you can watch and see how your sales and margins increase while enhancing communications with suppliers or even acquire market share of a rival at the same time.

Check the quality of your data with this survey. The checklist down below, can assist you with finding out how quality your data actually is. Depending on the colors of your outcome, you may or may not need to speak with your data provider.

Competitive data

Factors That Affect the Quality of Data

  1. The number as well as the precision of the received item comparisons with parameters that are close to one another.
  2. The depth, or in other words, the details of the items such as their colors, technical makeup, etc.
  3. The percentage of prices on a rival’s site that aren’t zero.
  4. The relativity and the recentness.
  5. The number of errors.
  6. The time it takes for data to get delivered.

Whenever a factor from the checklist isn’t fulfilled, the quality of the data decreases, since, for instance, sites block the crawlers with captchas, Javascript algorithms, etc. or the website is being changed altogether.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive data quality

Although self-made data crawlers are often used because they’re less expensive, it doesn’t mean that they’re the best solution out there, especially in today’s fast-paced world. Additionally, using a cheap web scraping software to track rivals doesn’t guarantee the most accurate or most organized results. This is due, in part, to the fact that rivals can often prevent web scrapers from getting any work done. As a result, the data received has a high chance of being flawed, thus negatively impacting the pricing.

The solution?

A solid price tracking software. The ideal solution allows data collection without the use of programmers, processes data, delivers data based on the data quality survey, and it supports SLA. It should also offer data-as-a-service in order to focus on positively impactful challenges. The tool should allow businesses to act with certainty so that they can have a clear picture of their competition. In other words, efficient competitive data crawling should automatically collect data and match it with appropriate and useful visuals.

With Competera, the data collected is always relevant and visualized in an efficient manner so that decisions can be made instantaneously due to the competitive intelligence.

Through API, there’s an integration with an ERP-system.
There’s no restriction on work with any site, regardless of the location.
Reports are provided with explanations for price optimization.

Track rivals on the market and analyze their pricing information

while simultaneously boosting your own brand with market tracking to make sure that the pricing methods don’t interfere with the sales of your brand’s sales.

Counterfeit items can also be tracked within the market, despite the difficulty of the process. Competera also makes sure that your brand doesn’t violate anything while making sure that everything is running as smooth as butter.

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Analyze your competitors

build pricing strategies and set the right prices for the right products everyday.

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