Check If Competera
Fits Your Pricing Needs Right Now

01. Processes

  • Your KVI SKUs (top-sellers) are identified;
  • Most likely you’ve tried to forecast your sales, margins (monthly, quarter, annual) and have basic pricing strategies in place;
  • You know your direct competitors;
  • Your team probably runs ABC analysis;
  • You are ready to integrate with 3rd party data vendors both on input and output

02. Roles

  • At least one Category | Product | eCommerce Manager who is ready to work with the tool regularly;
  • You have a Pricing Manager or employees in charge of your online pricing strategy compliance on your team.

03. Performance

  • min 30-60 sales per day (depending upon product category);
  • min 50 000 unique visitors per month desirably;
  • min 1 person engaged in online pricing.

04. Business Needs

  • Meet KPIs on sales;
  • Meet KPIs on margins;
  • Cut down the time spent on price analysis and changes (from hours to minutes);
  • Receive reliable data (98% Data Quality) upon convenient schedule;
  • Utilize retrospective price sensitivity Reports to fine tune existing pricing strategies on the go;
  • Employ a proven integral pricing framework for saving employees time in a usable pricing environment;
  • Run high-profit promos;
  • Get actionable alerts on pricing strategy deviations with a view to your costs and market for quick decision-making;
  • Know your market position.

If You find 80%
or more matches on the checklist above,
Competera is a perfect fit for you and your online pricing, ensuring 200% ROI in the second subscription month.

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