Brand intelligence automatic strategy

Review your brand through your customers’ eyes and create a powerful competitive brand

Brand Intelligence is an analytical solution, which allows you always to be informed about your brand positioning in the current market situation in order to drive the best decisions for the building of a leading brand.

The ever-growing competition challenges the brand involvement, but conversely, it may be used as a good opportunity for your business.

Providing the online brand monitoring based on your competitor’s marketing activities, you may look at opportunities for brand growth and increase the investments in brand building for maximal returns in a timely manner.

Competitive brand intelligence enables you to know all the insights of your own brand and your market sector’s reputation, as well as your competitor’s positioning and their actual branding strategies.

Brand intelligence - control and monitoring of your brand on the market  |

Brand management strategies

The most successful strategic brands implement online brand tracking to optimize brand management strategies.

Online brand management has hard-driving business consequences which influence the success or failure of your business and essentially affect customer preferences.

Brand intelligence - control and monitoring of your brand on the market  |

Efficient brand tracking

What is online brand management exactly?

The process includes brand research and brand monitoring, in other words, it represents the brand value, your customers’ loyalty, and in general, the way your brand is viewed online.

The main reason brand perception changes is the retail policy regarding minimum advertised price and suggested retail price.

The main object of online brand intelligence is your brand protection.

Brand intelligence - control and monitoring of your brand on the market  |

Competera suggests such benefits:

  • Instantaneously getting information on any number of products directly from websites insures getting the information when you need it.
  • Automated notification system will notify you about every change of your brand position and send a warning message to the violators.
  • Daily analysis of a wide range of data in a user-friendly interface saves time and eliminates the mistakes of manual monitoring.
  • Multi-user access, report exports in any file format
  • API access unlocks the possibility to work with the data outside of Competera’s interface.

How to create strategic pricing for vendors

Strategic pricing for distributors should include only those techniques which correspond to the main principle and can be verified in practice - if it is protecting your brand, then we develop it, if not - then no.

Surely, it is obligatory to consider your brand experience and consider your competitor’s brand position.

What is strategic branding?

The answer is simple to understand, and at the same time is hard to implement - strategic branding is the process of creating value for your customers.

As a consequence, brand building strategy should be concentrated essentially on what the customers know, feel, and experience about your business.

Brand building requires passing the following stages: defining your brand, differentiation, presenting it, and reviewing what your brand stands for from time to time.

Strategic brand management is a complicated and time-consuming process. That is why more vendors choose a collaboration with online brand protection services.

Competera is experienced in online branding companies data scraping software, which will gladly help you to build, protect and support your brand with the help of modern tools.

See how easy you can filter all your stocks by price alerts and competitors within Competera Products Report.

Monitor and protect your brand image

MAP monitoring and daily product benchmark analysis is a complicated and incredibly tedious process, which becomes much more efficient and easier to manage with Competera.

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