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Analytical Dashboard

Actual information about violations of the retail recommended price and your brand’s products market position.

Allocation of Violations

Everyday access to the main information about the price policy of online stores, reports of MAP monitoring, and a demonstration of the brand’s market position.

Top violators list

The list detects the main violators of the minimum advertised price agreement and gives access to actual violations in only a few clicks.

User Reports

The customizable user report form ensures instant access to all key information for MAP price monitoring.


All reports can be easily customized with the help of filters, which can be saved for quick access later.

Violation Analysis at the Category/Retailer Level

The report on promotions allows you to be always aware of retailers’ marketing activities in order to avoid concealed types of dumping.

Violation History

The dedicated part of the violation history report allows you to analyze market conditions in any required period of time and also to compare retailers’ product prices and their observation of the minimum advertised pricing policy.

Violation analysis on Product level

The analysis of actual retail prices conducted at the SKU level enables you to get up-to-date information on the entire range of products.

Data export

All selected data can be easily exported to any convenient format or it can be just sent as a link to your colleague.


The MAP monitoring service supports multi-user access with different competencies: every department and product manager operate their own data block.

User rights management: the service administrator can easily control access, invitations to new employees to work with the service, and also has access to all data of MAP policy monitoring including the group of fine configurations.

Personalization: Every user configures their own reports display option, the schedule of notifications and other settings; receives the notifications at any convenient time, and operates their own groups of products.

Data Acquisition and Delivery

We think that the quality of the data we deliver is the most important, so we collect it directly from the target websites.

Data Sources

We deliver data on the observation of the minimum advertised price directly from chosen websites, using index linking without creating website overloads.

Monitoring schedule

You have the option to manage your data acquisition schedule at the level of product categories, websites, and regions, in order to receive the most up-to-date and relevant data on minimum advertised pricing.

Quality Control

In cases where an error occurs, or data delivery is delayed, the service generates a notification, and as soon as the technical support team resolves an issue, the data will be collected again, regardless of the scanning configurations. We retain permanent control over the acquisition algorithms to prevent undesirable changes.

Acquisition speed

We are able to index the websites close to real time. The acquisition speed depends on the scope of the required data from one website and its bandwidth.

Product matchings

We have achieved 99% quality in product matchings in every category: from electronics to building materials.

Matching Process Speed

From 2 to 24 hours after assortment has been updated the information about product matchings is available in the interface. At the same time, the network software runs minimum advertised price monitoring and automatically identifies every MAP violation. The process is absolutely transparent for the user and it is displayed in the interface.

Matching Quality

Verification of complex product matchings and MAP monitoring is always made by our employee, not by a machine. We use an inside service for task distribution between hundreds of employees. The quality of information is controlled meticulously. In the combination of intellectual work and automatic algorithms for matching searches, we achieve the quick and qualitative process of product matching.

Data streamming

We support data streaming, for working the fastest with the data and advanced analytical operations. Data can be streamed in all of the most popular formats: Google BigQuary spreadsheets, Webhook(HTTP), Amazon SQS, Apach Kafka.

Customer Support

Customer support and special managers allow us to be sure that any problem will be solved and your employees get the required support.

Quality Grade Agreement (SLA)

In cases where the service quality rules and regulations, determined by the standard contract, do not make our customer feel confident, we can provide an additional SLA.

Achieving Goals Control

The Manager of Customer Success service keeps track of all account activities. The main goal of the manager is to ensure absolute satisfaction and maximum use of all capacities of the system in order to achieve business goals.


The ticketing system makes it impossible for us to miss a single message from our clients. The convenient interface messenger allows us to be contacted immediately, with no need to write an email to the support service.

Technological Data Streaming

Effective data streaming is an inherent part of good service. That is exactly why we made using our data as easy as possible for any technical and analytical specification. You will gain access to API documentation after logging into the service.

All the data is gathered exclusively to benefit our clients

We do not resell gathered information and do not incorporate client data, do not use data for our own PR ambitions and do not collaborate with marketing research agencies. Data storage and data reporting use the certificates of safety and personalized pass keys. Click here for more information.

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