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Competitive Price Index: how to calculate competitors’ Impact?
GetApp: 4 Competitor Monitoring Apps to Outmatch Your Rivals
5 decisions where pricing experts may fail in retail
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Automatic Price Monitoring System - Stop Reinventing the Wheel!
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10 Price Tracking Tricks for Retail
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Comfy analysed demand elasticity for all acquisition channels
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Allo increased its CTR 2.5 times with Softkub and Competera
Competitor-based repricing increased turnover and revenue at more products that comply the “Best price” promise.
Ulmart improved customer acquisition cost ROI, and margins growth
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High low Pricing strategy: definition, pros & cons
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[e-book] Agile Pricing: The Must Have Framework for Modern E-tailers
Five Proven Profit Increasing Rules for Retailers
Pricing Strategies Free Online Course [+ Certification]
How to leverage competitive pricing for retailers of different sizes
Outperform competitors and negotiate suppliers with Competera repricing scenarios
Repricing Scenarios to Increase the Turnover of an Online Store
How the quality of competitive data affects the key business indicators of a retailer
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Price Optimization in Retail: to accelerate growth of financial and business results.
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Choosing a Dynamic Pricing Engine | Competera
Predictive Pricing Software for Retail
Pricing strategy implementation doesn't have to be complicated!
Competitive intelligence solution shows a full market picture
How price tracking solution improves retail intelligence
Product Matching Farm for Retailers
Winning Retail Pricing: 5 steps
Top 6 Pricing Methods to Become a Retail Winner
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Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities for your retail business
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The monitoring and analytical solution for brand image protection
Dynamic Marketing for Retailers
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How Competitive Pricing Analysis can boost your Revenue in 2018?
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Dynamic Pricing Software: model, solution, advantages & optimization
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Effective assortment analysis for assortment intelligence
How to boost a revenue margin growth with dynamic pricing models?
The Best Price Tracking Software for Retailers in 2018
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Conversion optimization is essential for modern eCommerce retailers
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For Brands - MAP Monitoring, Dumping Control
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Insanely-Smart Marketing for E-commerce
Retail Pricing models, strategies & rules for competitive pricing
Features - Competera Price Intelligence
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Price monitoring
Competitive Intelligence Software for Business Intelligence Analysts
Prisync Alternative for Price Track and Price Comparison
KVI Pricing: How Retailers Can Identify Their Key Value Items
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Price2Spy Alternative for Price Monitoring
Price intelligence: competitive data, price management & optimization
Competitive Pricing for Retailers
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Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) & compliance monitoring Software
Price intelligence integration for Magento
How to Avoid Competitive Price Monitoring Complexity
Pricing intelligence tools and solutions for smart competitive pricing
Pricing Strategies for Effective Sales
Price Intelligence - smart competitive pricing, assortment, promotions monitoring and analysis
MAP Monitoring and Enforcement for Brands
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