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Companies that trust Competera

We believe Competera is the best in the industry. Their platform provides a set of tools, including market-based pricing and AI-driven demand-based pricing, that offers solutions to an immediate need, as well as our long-term plans.

David Elder
Group Head of International and Pricing for WiggleCRC Group

We have adopted Competera pricing engine which calculated demand elasticity while factoring in product cannibalization and seasonality and increased revenue by 1% over the period of three months.

Tatiana Tepliashyna, Product Owner and Business Analyst
Staples, Netherlands

The things I enjoy most about the Competera platform are the proactive pricing system and effective sales planning.

Karel Mommers, Pricing and Analytics Manager
Max Guitars, USA

For a few months Competera helped us reduce manual work and save plenty of time. We look forward to enhancing our position with Competera via advanced price optimization and proactive pricing.

Robert Smigner, E-commerce Merchandiser
Vision Direct, United Kingdom

We've already made a huge step in securing our market strategy and handling negotiations with vendors. Now we strongly look into the future when shifting to ML-based price optimization.

Rick Conley, Head Buyer and Director of Vendor Relations
Maxtool, USA

Competera is a perfect means of goal management as it helps us to track the performance on our strategic targets and identify areas for further growth.

Kevin Lebron, merchandising Manager
FSA store, USA

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