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Competitive Data

Get proven up-to-date information about competitors in one click.

  • Pricing within major international markets
  • 360 degree view on crawling errors SLA - 98%
  • Currency adjustments to USD or local currency views for local inflation analysis
  • Self-learning algorithms for data collection
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Price Management

Manage the hundreds of prices in a few minutes and lift revenue by 2-30%.

  • Historic and current pricing, promotion, stock data, tracked weekly, daily, and hourly
  • Easy comparisons between brands, countries, categories, or individual items
  • Insightful dashboard & Custom reports development
  • Ongoing usage stats and metrics quality check
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Price Optimization

The Competera team shows:

  • how sensitive is the demand for a price position
  • how different do price strategies affect sales
  • how will price changes for one SKU affect sales of others
  • which prices would be optimal to maximize sales or margins
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Brand Intelligence

Brand Intelligence solution to win shoppers and establish fair competition for manufacturers.

  • MAP monitoring
  • detect the first violator of MAP policy
  • product benchmarking
  • manage your price perception through the Price Index
  • grey market fight with unauthorized channels of distribution report
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Pricing Success Stories
Placido Faranda
Placido Faranda
Acer Europe,

Thanks for quickly and efficiently submitted data in customized reports of Brand Intelligence, as we were empowered to control the situation on the market with the price perception of our brand.

Melissa D'Andrade
Melissa D'Andrade
Canadian CPG Company, Purchasing
Manager, Canada

Competera is our reliable partner, providing us with a MAP monitoring tool. Our Brand Intelligence campaign enables us to monitor the minimum advertised price of over fifty North American e-tailers.

Sinziana Visan
Sinziana Visan
FIND ME A GIFT, Merchandiser,
United Kingdom

With Competera we're able to monitor our prices in the marketplace, and improve the profit per product thanks to the up-to-date information from Competera.

Arjan de Leeuw
Arjan de Leeuw
SKB Europe, Office Sales
Manager, Holland

Price Management helps us being aware of our price positioning. Competera became our good assistant in the profitable cooperation with major European and Amazon resellers.

Philipp Metzler
Philipp Metzler
Tink, Business Development
Manager, Germany

Competera makes pricing recommendations based on accurate data analysis of our main competitors’ prices, promotion, and stock availability.

Yudha Pangestu
Yudha Pangestu
Mataharimall, Project Lead,

We achieved our business goals - the customers’ perception of our price positioning was changed as we wanted thanks to Competera.

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