The new standard of brand protection for manufacturers

The new standard of brand protection
for manufacturers

Competera is an optimisation software for brands and retailers to protect and grow your business performance, and find answers for the tough questions

We do not ask our customers to do something different, we ask them to become someone different, in terms of performance goals reached

Your business data at your fingertips

Competera Brand Intelligence

Easy to use, and implement manufacturers software providing clear, concise, and actionable information for brand protection

The Competera Pricing Software is based on the principle of construction and can be easily configured for different types of business needs.

While engineering Competera, we were focused on how brand and retail managers themselves would be changed after software integration.

How does it work?
MAP Monitoring

Violations Tracking
[resellers and products]

Historical Changes

MAP Monitoring

The dashboard is the first available screen for Competera clients.

This section is for managing alerting system.

The first block of this section consists of 4 buttons:

  • Total number of violations with actual data and an additional ability for deep diving
  • Actual total number of product violations
  • Top sellers violators
  • Top new violators at the current day

By default this section reflects the next information:

  • History of MAP violations with visualisation within selected period of time
  • Consolidated report with the whole sellers statistics
MAP Monitoring
MAP Monitoring

System health status reflects the actual pulse and progress on data crawling and processing. The next information points are available:

  • Number of SKUs in analysis
  • Number of competitors in analysis
  • Updated matchings within the last 24 hours
  • % of actual data: if it is lower than 80% the data ring will be red, higher than 80% — green
MAP violations history is available for 3 months
under the level of each seller
First Violator

Total visibility into first violations re-sellers

Product report reflects the first violator marker
with the date and time of violation

First Violator


Comprehensive analysis diagnoses holes in distribution

Prevent losses and brand damage from gray markets

Brand Benchmark

For Revenue Managers to support positioning and craft ORP (optimal retail price) comparing the same (look-a-like) products of the competitive brands.

Brand Benchmark
  • Mappings-builder inside interface for quick and easy look-a-like products onboarding
  • Simple and flexible tracking system and product cards detailing
  • Price Perception through each competitive brand analogue
  • Optimal Retail Price (OPR) to maintain brand and product value
Price Index

Which of your competitors (whom you consider being your competitors) with the analogue products are actually affecting your positioning?

Price Index

Price Index displays how your brand position correlates to the market prices in general, but also to particular competitors or certain categories of products.

Employing Price Index, you know everything about the price positioning, and the sensitivity of your brand towards the market and certain players.

Can you answer the following question?

  • What is the optimal price for the same product segment at the market?

You can find the right answer to these and many more questions with the help of Competera Price Index for Brands.